A Place For Us - Part 7
 By Unique   •   3rd Jun 2012   •   2,320 views   •   7 comments
A Place For Us

Ryder’s lips captured Brielle’s in an innocent kiss. Her heart raced as she leaned into his embrace. It was as if the whole world stopped spinning. Her body relaxed slowly as she felt his hand gently cup her cheek. Abruptly she pulled away, eyes slightly wide.

“I - I’m sorry.” Ryder muttered, rubbing the back of his head. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“No, I should have told you before Ryder.” Brielle said quietly, her words catching in her throat. She felt as if she should cry, scream, run away. This was not fair. Not fair to him, and completely crushing her. “I’m engaged.” She watched as Ryder swallowed hard, his eyes suddenly turning away from her. She saw the hurt in his eyes, even though he did not think she did.

“Oh, I - I didn’t know that.”

“I know you didn’t.” Brielle said softly. Tears burned in her eyes. Why did she feel this way? She felt like the world was crashing down on her. Her heart seemed to get stuck in her throat and she felt as if she could no longer breathe.

“I guess that’s not something people just tell people though.” Ryder nodded.
She looked up at him. “No, I guess not.”

“I’m sorry Brielle. It will not happen again. I guess I should not have displayed my affection in such a manner anyways.” He muttered, a blush climbing up his pale skin. She watched as the muscles in his jaw tightened as if he was trying to hold back more words.

Brielle felt a sigh escape her lips and she nodded slowly, “Actually Blake is coming to pick me up today. So, you could meet him.” How would that make it any better? She was probably just crushing Ryder’s heart even more. Brielle did not know what it felt like to have her heart broken. At least, she did not think she did. She questioned how she felt now, was her heart breaking? She had never in her life felt this way. The feelings were guilt, and loneliness. She felt completely and utterly alone in those moments. It was as if she had been locked out of the world. She had enjoyed the kiss herself and Ryder had shared. It was like nothing else she had ever experienced. Then again, she had never been kissed before. She had told Blake she wanted to wait until their wedding day to share their first kiss. Now it would have to be her second. The thing weighing on her heart was that her first kiss was not even with the man she was to marry.

Swallowing back bile that rose in her throat she backed up further. Wringing her hands together she realized it would not be long before Blake would arrive to pick her up for lunch.

“We should bring him in if you are done with him Miss Bates.” Ryder told Brielle, his voice hard.

Brielle’s body stiffened and she forced herself to look up at him, he had not called her Miss Bates since the day of the trail ride. It felt like her heart was shattering into a million tiny pieces. “Alright, I think that’s a good idea.” Her heart thudded in her chest and she was afraid it would burst forth. An awkward silence hung in the air as she stepped over to Phantom. “You go ahead, I’ll be right there.”

Ryder glanced her direction for a moment, “Are you sure you can handle him?” he asked with a slight bitterness in his tone. She did not blame him for being upset, she was even upset about this whole thing.

“I can handle him Ry. Don’t worry.”

Grunting Ryder climbed over the tall round pen fencing and dropped to the ground on the other side. She let her eyes wander to watch him walk away before turning her attention back to Phantom. Tears stung painfully in her eyes, threatening to leak out and spill over her flushed cheeks. Wrapping her arms around the stallion’s dark neck she leaned into him. Before she could stop them, the burning tears cascaded down her face. Sobs beat in her lungs and she buried her face in the horse’s thick black mane. Her mind swirled with questions. Why had Ryder not voiced how he felt about her before? Had he really wanted to kiss her since they day they met? Was love at first sight real? Or had he just been excited because the join-up had been done so quickly. It was all just a blur to her. She pulled herself closer to the stallion, body trembling. The silence was broken quite abruptly by the sound of a vehicle pulling down the dirt drive. Turning quickly she swiped at the tears that continued to come forth from her eyes. How was she supposed to explain the reason for her sobs to Blake? She could not tell him about what Ryder had done.
Doodles Forever  
Wonderful story! I love this.
  Jun 3, 2012  •  1,729 views
NOOOO. Brielle, you are a silly goose! Be with Ryderrrrrrrr! *bangs table*
  Jun 3, 2012  •  1,720 views
Dusty Canyon  
D'aww! Poor Ryder! ( Can't wait for the confrontation though! *evil laugh*
  Jun 3, 2012  •  1,870 views
So so so good!! D: I cannot wait to read the next part!!!
  Jun 3, 2012  •  1,718 views
Brielle, you are a silly cookie. Chose Ryder! Not Blake!
  Jun 4, 2012  •  1,746 views
Love Forever  
Neek, this is an amazing series! I have a really good feeling that when you grow up you are going to be a writer, for sure!!!
  Jun 10, 2012  •  1,726 views
Summer Rain  
I love this series!
  Jun 16, 2012  •  1,734 views
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