A Place For Us - Part 8
 By Unique   •   7th Jun 2012   •   2,778 views   •   8 comments
A Place For Us

A soft breeze blew through, causing a shiver to stream through Brielle’s petite frame. Blake’s truck came to a stop in front of the round pen. He offered a wave from inside the truck before swinging the door open. Brielle’s eyes flickered up to him and she forced her lips to curve into a tiny smile. The corners of her mouth felt stiff as she offered him a fake smile. The wind played with her soft dark hair and she stepped toward the fence. “Hey beautiful.” Blake called from the other side as he approached. “How’s everything going.” Brielle was about to answer, before Phantom kicked up his heels and barreled toward the fence. His neck arched as he charged. Throwing a buck he let out a fierce whinny. Blake stumbled backward, slightly afraid. Brielle wondered how she was supposed to move on if Blake was still afraid of letting her be around horses.

“Brielle watch it!” He called loudly, his dark eyes wide.

He darted toward the fence and swiftly leapt over. Brielle stepped in front of the frightened stallion but was quickly shoved out of the way. A grunt escaped Brielle’s lips as her body collided with the hard ground. Wincing she glanced up to hear a piercing whinny. Her eyes darted from Phantom then to Blake who held the lunge whip high. He swished it through the air and Brielle heard the crack the object made when it made contact with Phantom’s figure.

“Blake stop!” She coughed, trying to clear the dust out of her lungs.

Blake didn’t listen, once again he let the whip smack against the stallion. Phantom let out a loud squeal and threw his head back. His front feet lifted off of the ground and he lashed them toward Blake. The man turned and ran toward the fence, grabbing Brielle’s arm before rolling underneath. He pulled her with him, causing her skin to be pierced with the gravel and sand. Brielle shook away his grasp and watched as Phantom went absolutely insane. Her eyes were wide with an unknown emotion and she rushed toward the fence again. Blake’s soft hands caught her arm and attempted to pull her back. Brielle turned to look at him, eyes spiteful.

“I told you to stop!” She screeched. “Look what you did to him!”

The stallion breathed heavily and galloped around the arena, he would throw a buck every now and again. Brielle struggled away from him and rolled back under the fence. Her small body fit almost perfectly underneath it. She heard Blake’s voice call for her, but ignored it completely. As she pushed herself up off of the ground she swiftly ran to the middle of the round pen. “Phantom!” She called out, voice hoarse. The stallion’s ears perked up and he slowed to an easy canter. Brielle watched as he limped slightly, a snarl formed on her lips and she was attempted to turn on her heels and give Blake a run for his money. The stallion kicked up his heels and lowered his head, letting out a snort. The whites of his eyes were no longer showing as he turned toward the center. The horse was covered in sweat, it was dripping from his chest and the sight made Brielle cringe.

“It’s okay baby.” She cooed quietly, reaching out with a tiny hand she smiled softly when Phantom rested his nose on her palm. A small sigh escaped her lips and she reached up to stroke his muzzle. “I’m sorry he scared you.” She whispered, eyes locking with his. Fear shown in the stallion’s eyes and it made her heart sink. Leaning forward she wrapped her arms around the stallion’s neck. Her lungs took in the sweet aroma as she let her eyes slip shut. This horse had become her world. He had changed her life, and given her back her wings.
Blake is a meanie! I want Brielle to be with Ryder even more now! D:
  Jun 8, 2012  •  2,259 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Wow! Neekers, your an amazing writer! Angie..Needs.... More!
  Jun 8, 2012  •  2,247 views
Sapphire Flames  
great work!! MORE!!!!!! :D.

i agree....Blake is mean.
  Jun 8, 2012  •  2,255 views
Doodles Forever  
I don't like Blake! Rder is better!
  Jun 8, 2012  •  2,444 views
Just started following this story and so far, it's really cute.
  Jun 9, 2012  •  2,288 views
Solana Sonrisa  
This is such a good series! I can't wait to hear what happens next.
  Jun 10, 2012  •  2,292 views
Let It Ride  
Awww luv it!
  Jun 10, 2012  •  2,269 views
Love Forever  
Blake is a little...... brat!!! How dare he do tat to a horse! Anywho, I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!
  Jun 10, 2012  •  2,265 views
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