A Place For Us - Part 9
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A Place For Us

Brielle’s heart raced so quickly she was sure anyone who came near could hear it. Her feet moved swiftly across the dirt driveway before she broke into a run. She stopped at the barn doors, heart beating fast, a small smile curving onto her lips. Glancing around she swung the doors open with a small grunt. “Ryder?” She called into the large stallion barn. She had been away from the barn for two weeks after being in the hospital. Her bright hazel eyes scanned the barn before she stepped in. An unfamiliar male stepped out of the tack room and offered a warm smile. “I - I’m sorry, have you seen Ryder?” She asked shyly. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the stranger. He tilted his head, “You must be Brielle.” The man said quietly, his voice slightly high pitched. It was nothing like Ryder’s smooth, deep voice.

“Yes, that would be me.” She nodded curtly. “But, have you seen Ryder Hart? This is somewhat urgent.”

“As a matter of fact he was just getting his things and packing up his truck.” The black haired man told her with a small frown.

“Packing to go where?” Brielle asked body stiff, what was going on? Where was Ryder packing to go? Was he going on vacation? If so it was a strange time to go. This was the time of the year when they needed the most help with the foals.

“He’s leaving Miss, I would think you would know that.”

“Leaving?” Her heart caught in her throat and she felt tears stinging in her eyes.

“Something about having to find his life on his own... that was all I got from it.”

Wheels turned on the dirt driveway and Brielle turned to see Ryder’s truck pulling quickly down the muddy drive. “Ryder!” She screamed, lurching out of the barn. He didn’t stop and she began to run after him. Still he did not stop. She halted, and sucked in harsh breaths of the sticky summer air. Her hand trembled and she turned to face the farm again. Her eyes fixed on the seal brown horse that stood behind the white fence. An uncertain smile curved onto her lips.

Taking off into a run she reached the fence. Placing her hands on the top rail she managed to lift herself up onto the fence and over the other side. After dropping to the ground she approached Phantom. “Phantom knee.” She told the horse quietly, yet hurridly. The stallion bent his front left leg before kneeling down on his front legs. The stallion allowed Brielle to pull herself up onto his wide back. Taking a hand full of his dark, thick mane she slid onto his back. Her legs gripped the stallion’s body tightly as he stood back up, jerking slightly. Never had she taken a risk like this with this horse. She knew he could do it, but could she? Eyeing the four foot fence she clucked to the stallion before heeling his sides slightly hard. “Git’up!” She hissed. Phantom took off into a smooth canter, his neck arched slightly. Brielle gripped his mane and leaned forward as he neared the white fence. Her heart stopped for a moment when the stallion’s front legs left the ground. For several moments they floated through the moist air. It was the most thrilling thing she had ever been through. Her body jerked when they landed on the other side of the fence. Almost losing her balance she wrapped her arms around his dark neck. His neck was already lathering with sweat and she felt slightly bad for the actions. When Phantom slowed to a trot she kicked him into a canter again, steering him with only her legs. Dirt and dust kicked up behind them as she heeled him on even faster. His feet barely touched the ground below them as he moved into a gallop. The soft summer wind stung in Brielle’s eyes causing her to squint. They moved down the long dirt driveway as quickly as possible. Brielle’s hands clung tightly to the stallion’s thick mane. Her eyes began to tear up, what if she could not catch him? What would she do with herself? Suddenly she looked up to see Ryder’s truck stopped at the end of the driveway. He was still inside it. Not knowing if he could hear her or not she screamed, “Ryder!” Tears came out in her voice as the truck began to move slowly again. Pools formed in her eyes blurring her vision. Would she even make it? Her heart pounded heavily in her chest, causing her to feel as if she could no longer breathe.
Sapphire Flames  
OMG!!!!!! WHERE IS THE NEXT PART????????????????????????
sometimes i wish the whole story could be posted at once...and then i realize how much i look forward to waiting for the next part. :P

great job, as usual! :)
  Jun 11, 2012  •  1,838 views
Solana Sonrisa  
Such a good story! I am desperate for more!
  Jun 12, 2012  •  2,029 views
Love Forever  
More!!! My eyes are tearing up right now!! I WANT MORE THOUGH!!!!
  Jun 12, 2012  •  1,840 views
TOO. MUCH. TENSION. AAHHHHH!!! *Explodes from tension build up*
  Jun 14, 2012  •  1,860 views
Amazing I cant stop reading them
  Jun 16, 2012  •  2,409 views
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