Unicorn Moon - Part 2 of 3
 By T W I   •   12th Jun 2012   •   4,281 views   •   9 comments
Unicorn Moon

A fishing boat, wooden and small, was floating there, tossing helplessly. The craft was battered and leaking, its make-shift sail almost torn away. The girl waded further in, up to her neck in the cold water, reaching for the boat. A man lay inside, barely breathing.

“Father,” she screamed, “Father you must wake up! They are coming and you must get to shore!”

The man did not wake up though, and the boat floated tantalizingly out of reach. Now the girl was swimming, coughing the water already down her throat, and reaching for the battered craft. Her slim hand caught it, heedless of the splinters, and she reached in to shake the unconscious form within. The water boiled around her and her eyes widened, but she did not leave the boat. Instead, she tried to tow it, swimming with all her might. But it was too late. The boiling water around her began to take form, its swelling crests morphing and undulating.

Pendant stood on the hill, his breath frozen in his throat. One hoof strayed towards the outer rim of the moonlight and then stopped.

“The Kelpies won’t get us tonight. Not tonight, not ever.”

The words echoed in his mind and he stood, torn between the two impossible choices. He was protector of Ner, his power counteracting that of the Kelpies’. If he left the ring of moonlight, he knew well enough what would happen. The tide would rise, slowly and surely, until it gained the village. It would not stop there, but continue on, driven by the malicious rage of the Kelpies. Ner would be utterly vanquished. He was the only thing that stood between the utter destruction of the village. He had always been. And now, he was the only thing that could stand between the death of an innocent girl. His girl.

His sides rose and fell, his breath ragged. He screamed angrily, his cries tearing the night. As soon as he left the sacred hill, the sea would rise and the Kelpies would strike Ner. His maw opened in agony as he paced like a caged animal, overcome with desperation.

Down at the shore, villagers were attracted by the girl’s screams. She was fighting now, as the Kelpies began to take shape. Hope rose up in Pendant as he watched the people streaming towards the scene. They had the power to help her, not restrained by knowing that deaths of many would be on their hands if they chose to help.

The sea lapped viciously at the sand, as though trying to consume it. It was stopped by an invisible force every time, drawing back in frustration. Both moons had risen fully now, the darker, reddish one casting an eerie glow over the water. Sharnyi, moon of the Kelpie. Ophaile too, shone bright in the night, its milky rays illuminating Pendant. Ophaile, moon of the Unicorn.

The girl cried out, pleading with the people on shore. Though no words formed, her mouth choked with salt water, it was clear that she was begging for succor. Pendant’s teeth were clenched as he stared down at the dark, milling forms on shore. No one made a move to enter the infested waters, though they called out across the crimson waves at girl, still struggling for life. No one came to help.

The first Kelpie formed, a beast composed entirely of water, its green and blue swirling hues tinted by Sharnyi’s sinister rays. It advanced on the girl, slowly, deliberately. She clung to the boat, mute in terror. Then it struck her, enveloping her with its watery being as it closed over her head with a hiss. Another Kelpie took the boat, tipping its cargo into the deadly waves with ease. Then both the girl and her father were gone, swallowed by the sea. The Kelpies were gone too, following their victims beneath the surface. Only the boat still floated, bobbing to a fro, a silent spectator to the murderous struggle.

On shore, the people watched but did not move. They saw the girl go under and still did not act. Only when she had vanished did they become mobile again, backing away towards their homes, muttered prayers and curses upon each lip. The sea had claimed the hapless pair, as it would all who were foolish enough to remain in its unfeeling grasp when Sharnyi rose.

On the hill, Pendant’s heart twisted within him, not in pain or sorrow, but in rage as the people filed away from the death scene, as though it had never happened. A new emotion, one he had never felt before, welled up within, consuming him. Hate. He wanted to kill them, to kill them all. They had watched his beloved girl die and had done nothing. They had made the decision to put their own lives before that of an innocent child’s, HIS one and only human love.

“Amiya.” The words came from the throat of the Unicorn, raw and desperate.


The people of Ner heard him and were stunned. They cowered from his voice, shrinking back in fear.

Pendant’s eyes burned with a terrifyingly vicious light. They would pay. They would all pay for letting his beloved die as they huddled like frightened sheep, watching her demise. Watching Amiya die.

Each hoof, as it struck the ground, caused the earth to shudder ominously. Pendant’s legs rose and fell, his breath coming fast. Then he leapt, his magnificent body gleaming in Ophaile’s light a split second before vanishing from its encircling rays. He hit the ground running, leaving the sacred hill, leaving Ner to its fate. The sea shuddered, feeling its boundaries dissolve. Sharnyi seemed to grow brighter and more ominous, as the wall of water began to rise, growing until it overshadowed the horror-stricken village. At the terrible tsunami’s head were the Kelpies, their mad delight evident as they darted forward, water streaming all around them.

Pendant heard the mighty crash as buildings were flattened by the wave’s sheer force. He heard the Kelpies’ hissing as they moved in for the kill. But he did not turn around. He did not even look back over his shoulder. He simply continued on his way, towards the great forest.
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Solana Sonrisa  
This is brilliant, I love it!
  Jun 13, 2012  •  3,977 views
You are an amazing writer, and this story is awesome! Kelpies are definitely underused in the stories. I love it!! So sad only there parts though. :)
  Jun 14, 2012  •  3,773 views
Sapphire Flames  
Whew! great writing! :D
  Jun 14, 2012  •  3,786 views
Another great addition!
  Jun 14, 2012  •  3,819 views
Summer Rain  
I love this!
  Jun 16, 2012  •  3,802 views
RoyalCrownEstates  MOD 
I am starting to really get into this!
great story :)
  Jun 17, 2012  •  4,124 views
Double Spur Ranch  
Keep it going :)
  Jun 17, 2012  •  3,799 views
Let It Ride  
Love it! I wanna read more!
  Jun 18, 2012  •  3,800 views
Sweet Hearts  
Your an amazing writer. This story is really good. Wish I can write like this
  Jun 20, 2012  •  4,132 views
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