A Year of Bad Luck and Injuries Sidelines Me From Riding
 By Padfoot   •   13th Nov 2012   •   2,094 views   •   3 comments
A Year of Bad Luck and Injuries Sidelines Me From RidingLast year I was looking for a new horse on loan since there was problems with my horse Toff. I tried out a mare named Pimms, which was a stunning six year old Dutch Warmblood x Belgian Warmblood.

The first ride on Pimms was perfect! Second ride was also perfect! The third ride... Well that's where it all went wrong.

We had been hacking for about five minutes when the owner took me into a field where Pimms loved to canter. I asked for a canter - one stride, two stride, buck, buck, buck. She gave seven bucks that I managed to sit though, but on the eighth something spooked her and she bucked and twisted, sending me over a six foot hedge and onto the road on the other side.

I landed hip first on my right side. In total agony I hesitantly managed to stand. I got back on Pimms with some help and we quietly walked back home. I thought nothing of my leg, as usual I was going to struggle on and time would erase the pain. Unfortunately, my leg gave way at least five times that day. But still I decided next weekend I was going to ride Pimms again.

That weekend I asked for trot from Pimms - rise, sit, rise, sit, rise, collapse. I collapsed down onto the mares neck, the pain was too much to bare. I had tears in my eyes and couldn't move my right leg at all. I got off the mare with the assistance of my dad and was helped back to the car.

A Year of Bad Luck and Injuries Sidelines Me From Riding

The next day we went to get checked out. After several x-rays my leg showed no broken bones, but the muscles didn't look right. I had ripped most the muscles going down my right leg. I was set on crutches and had a bandage on my joints for support. I was on crutches for a good two months and did nothing bu walk the horses.

End of July 2011
I was riding my horse Toff on a four mile hack to his new yard. I didn't know at the time, but this would be my last ride on him. My leg was still playing up and I still couldn't walk fully on it. We walked and cantered where possible though we had to go down one of the biggest and most busy roads in my county. I didn't have the strength for a rising trot so I took my right foot out of the stirrup and asked Toff for a gentle jog. I jogged the pony down the main road, sitting to his jog and only gripping onto him with my left leg. He never put a single foot wrong.

August 2011.
This was the last time I seen Toff, and I didn't even ride him. On the way to see him I was pulled off my bike by my dog trying to get a cat and landed on my right knee, which subsequently got infected.

September 2011.
I didn't have a horse to ride at this time, but went cycling to build up some strength in my leg. A drunk driver almost went into me so I swerved and came off my bike, landing on my right knee again. Once again, an infection set in.

December 2011
I tripped over a loose paving stone in the ice, hyper extending my right ankle.

March 2012
I went to the doctor to get my muscles checked, I was told to take 3-4 months off riding to see if riding was the cause of my leg muscle issues. Only minimal exercise was allowed.

April 2012
Another checkup at the doctors. Strength in my leg continues to deteriorate. I was advised to do some exercises to stretch my leg muscles and was ordered back on crutches.

June 2012
Picked up a new horse named Jackson and started riding him daily. I decided to give up on the doctors as their advice was not giving favorable results.

After a few weeks of riding my leg muscles finally began to strengthen. I previously did every thing the doctor said and stayed away from riding, but in the end, it was riding that finally restored the strength again in my leg. I have been going strong for weeks now, with no pain or issues!
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Wow, sounds like you've had a long year! Keep riding, don't give up, AND KEEP US UPDATED! :D
  Nov 14, 2012  •  1,642 views
WOW at least you got back in the saddle with know probles (in the end)
  Nov 17, 2012  •  1,623 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Yep, you had a string of bad luck alright.
  Nov 18, 2012  •  1,698 views
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