A Place For Us - Part 10 - The End
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A Place For Us

It felt as if time was standing still in those few moments. Phantom arched his neck as they neared the truck. She felt his body grow tense. Before she knew what was happening Phantom swung his body around and stopped dead in front of Ryder’s blue truck. A gasp escaped Brielle’s lips when she heard Ryder’s breaks squeal. The truck stopped only inches in front of Brielle and her steed. Her chest heaved as she stared through the windshield. Her eyes locked with Ryder’s own sky blue orbs. Ryder tore his gaze away form her and he opened the driver’s side door. Stepping out of the truck he raised his eyes to look up at her. His eyes were clouded with something she had never seen in his eyes.


Brielle slowly slipped off of Phantom’s tall frame. Stepping away from the horse she waited for Ryder to speak, to scold her, or scream at her for doing something so dangerous. Yet, he was completely silent. Brielle’s body shivered as she felt tiny drops of rain pelt on her fair skin. “Ryder say something.” She said quietly, her voice shaky. Her hands trembled as she held them at her sides, praying he would say something, say anything. Anything. The rain came down harder and he was still silent. Brielle’s body shivered as she stood eyes locked with Ryder’s. She felt her knees growing weak.

“I have died every day, waiting for you.” Ryder called, deep voice cracking as he fought bursting into tears. “I have died, every single day since the day I kissed you. I have suffered, and have been in pain since that day. Every day I see you, my heart fills with this sadness, this hate that I can not get rid of. It fills with this jealousy that makes me so angry inside. I feel like someone is tearing me apart, and I have died every day waiting for you. I can‘t live like this anymore Brielle.” His voice was raspy, and it made her chest tighten. “I’m leaving, because if I don’t go now, I don’t know what I am going to do.” His words made her cringe. He was leaving, because of her. “I have to go, you have to move.”

Brielle’s chest racked with sobs and she fought to contain them. Stepping forward she clenched her jaw, trying to control her emotions. “I am not moving.” She said stubbornly.

Ryder’s eyes narrowed and he shook his head, “Move now Brielle. I have to go or I’ll miss my flight.”

“I want you to miss that flight.” Brielle said quietly, yet loud enough for him to hear her.

Ryder tilted his head, as if he looked completely and utterly lost. Brielle felt that way. She felt lost, and scared, not as confident as she had only minutes ago. Now she felt small, and lonely. Burning tears rolled down her cheeks as she stood, feeling so cold and helpless.

“I love you.”

Her words cut through the silence like a knife. They rang loudly in her own ears and she tilted her head to look up into his eyes. The rain almost blinded her, yet she could still see the tears in his eyes. It seemed like in those moments the emotions that passed between them could not be explained by man kind. They were the sweetest emotions one could every experience. She loved him, and the way she felt in this moment made her feel as if she was as light as Ryder leaned down, close to her face as he had on the day he had kissed her. “Hearing those words brought me to life again.” He whispered before kissing her nose tenderly.

Brielle’s eyes slipped closed and she reached out, taking his hands in hers. Their fingers laced together and her own hands were captured in his. “I will love you for a thousand years.” She whispered in reply. “And I you.” Ryder’s quiet voice replied as he kissed her forehead. “I love you Brielle, and no one can ever change that.” Brielle felt a strange sensation grow in her heart, it felt as if it would burst. Her heart leapt suddenly when she felt Ryder’s warm lips envelope hers. In that moment she could no longer hear the sound of the pouring rain. She no longer felt cold and helpless. All she could hear was the soft sound of their beating hearts, so close to each other. She could feel Ryder’s large hand pressing against her back, pulling her closer to his warm body. When he pulled away she gazed up at him and saw the love in his eyes. It felt once again as if her heart was going to surely burst.

“I knew you were the one Ryder,” She whispered knowingly.

“How?” He replied pulling her against his chest.

“I was saving my first kiss for the man I was to marry. You are the first man I have ever kissed.” Her voice was quiet as she let her eyes slip shut again.

“You are the first girl I have ever kissed.” Ryder whispered truthfully.

He leaned back against his truck and held her. Held her close to his heart. So close that she heard his heart beating in his chest. His strong arms wrapped around her petite body and she forgot about the world. Everything she ever wanted was right here. Right here in front of her. Blake was gone, and now she had Ryder. As she stood there captured in Ryder’s embrace she could not help thinking of the day they had met. The way his sapphire eyes sparkled when a playful smile crept onto his lips. It was the way his golden hair seemed to flip around with the slightest breeze, they were things that played back in her mind like a broken record over and over. They were absolutely beautiful memories.
Folie A Deux  
  Jun 19, 2012  •  1,963 views
That was an amazing end I loved all the stories this is my favorite
  Jun 19, 2012  •  2,552 views
Love Forever  
*claps* I love this series!! Please right more!!! If you don't I will cry! for real....
  Jun 19, 2012  •  1,985 views
Love Forever  
I still don't get why it is called A Place for Us!
  Jun 19, 2012  •  1,985 views
Summer Rain  
This was such a sweet ending :)
  Jun 20, 2012  •  1,985 views
Sapphire Flames  
OMG!!!!!!!!! neekers.....*sniff* that as absolutely amazing!!!!

please write more, you have the talent totally, and we all want to read it! :)

amazing job......
  Jun 20, 2012  •  1,966 views
Foxchase Farm  
Absolutely loved it!! :)
  Aug 2, 2012  •  2,017 views
This sounds like my bf and I *cries of joy* soooooo beautiful!
  Feb 4, 2013  •  2,196 views
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