Unicorn Moon - Part 3 of 3
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Unicorn Moon

Exactly one month later, Ophaile’s lunar cycle became Full Moon. Sharnyi, the moon of the Kelpies, became Dark Moon, invisible in the sky. The two moons cycled exactly opposite of each other, so once a year, Sharnyi would disappear and simultaneously, Ophaile would arrive at its zenith, signaling a new year for the Unicorns.

Without Sharnyi’s presence in the sky, the Kelpies were powerless to attack throughout the whole night long. So it was during Ophaile’s Full Moon that the Unicorns would gather annually at the sacred mound in the center of Shama. Each of the seven Unicorns was bound to attend unless they wished to bring Pybaene’s wrath upon themselves. He was the undisputed leaders of Unicorns, ever since the ancient Pajche had bequeathed leadership to him with his dying breath nearly a thousand years ago.

Pendant was sick at heart when he dragged himself to the sacred mound. At first, he had been seriously considering hiding within the forest, ignoring the fact that Ophaile was full and Sharnyi was dark. It was an unheard of phenomenon for a Unicorn to choose not to attend the Full Moon ceremony and he quavered to think what Pybaene would do to him. After all, he was no longer indispensable. The village he had protected all this time was no more, so Pybaene might even kill him, no longer needing his services. Not that attending would hold any better prospects for him. He would at the very least be branded a traitor and cast into exile. He would be lucky if he retained his very life.

In the late morning, he finally began his journey towards the sacred mound, fearful and ashamed. He was the last of the Unicorns to arrive. Ophaile had already risen in all its glory when he finally joined his kind, silently slipping into his place. Not a glance was cast his way as the ceremony began, Unicorn voices lifted in the age-old ritual of greeting Ophaile and asking for strength and protection for the New Year. Normally, it was a stimulating experience, but this time, Pendant barely heard the words, barely felt the flash of power as moonlight flooded down upon the seven ancients gathered there.

It was only after the ceremony had ended that Pybaene slowly and majestically approached him. Pendant wanted to cower back, wanted to hide from his menacing presence, but where could he go? There was nowhere he would be safe from the leader’s power. He had to face what he had done and bear whatever punishment Pybaene saw fit in inflict upon him.

A hush had fallen over the gathering and six pairs of eyes were trained on Pendant. Looking around at his fellow Unicorns, Pendant realized that they all knew of his horrendous deed. He hung his head in shame, not daring to meet their solemn gazes.

Finally, Pybaene broke the heavy silence that hung in the air.

“Pendant, my son. What is it you have done?”

“Father...” Pendant began, but stopped, too ashamed to continue.

Perline, a lovely unicorn mare, her coat a light shade of lavender stepped forward to stand next to Pybaene.

“Oh, Pendant,” she whispered, tears filling her eyes.

“Mother.” Pendant’s words caught in his throat.

Pybaene looked around the circle of faces once before stepping to the pinnacle of the mound.

“One of the ancient seven has committed an unforgivable sin,” he said, his voice ringing out, each word driving a dagger into Pendant’s heart.

“As you well know, we have already convened to decide this Unicorn’s fate, so I say this for his benefit.”

Pendant waited, tense and afraid.

“We shall let the guilty be punished by his own remorse, let him wander the land of Shama in search of meaning for his life. There shall be no exile, no banishment, for what exile is worse than feeling a stranger, bereft of purpose, in one’s own homeland? The only punishment I will inflict is to cast him out from the order of the seven Unicorns. From now on, there shall only be six.”

The verdict was better than anything Pendant had hoped for, and he knew that it was much less punishment then he deserved. For a moment, he wanted to beg Pybaene to kill him, to put him out of his miserable existence. But instead, he turned away, sadly, silently and left the sacred mound, an outcast, an alien in his own home.

The soft touch of a muzzle on his shoulder stopped him when he was almost out of the ring of stones that border that sacred mound. It was Perline.

“Son,” she whispered quietly, “Do not lose hope. Though life will seem dark and even not worth living sometimes, I feel the winds of change beginning to stir. Do not give up and know that your mother will always love you, oh child of mine. Now go, and do what you must.”

With a grateful nod, Pendant departed after resting his own muzzle upon his mother’s for a breathe of second, Then he was gone, slipping into the shadows that claimed him as one of their own.
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Sapphire Flames  
wow....great ending. *sniff*
  Jun 28, 2012  •  3,349 views
thats soooo kwl
  Jun 29, 2012  •  3,580 views
Argh please be more! So sad! Poor Pendant :(
  Jun 30, 2012  •  3,382 views
Let It Ride  
Awwwwwwww!!! I'm sad now!
  Jul 2, 2012  •  3,366 views
Double Spur Ranch  
One word..Beautiful
  Jul 2, 2012  •  3,361 views
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