When Darkness Sets In - Part 3
 By Madeirey   •   31st Jul 2012   •   2,350 views   •   10 comments
When Darkness Sets In

My eyes flew open to the darkness the next morning in eagerness. I could visit Midnight today! I got out of my bed and felt around to the little closet for my clothes. I heard a nurse come in to help me, “No! I’ve got it,” I said letting a little bit of the anger that had built up out. She stopped short and walked back out. I sighed and relaxed as I felt around for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. My hands soon found the dense, strong fabric of the denim and the textured soft cotton shirt. I headed into the bathroom with my hands outreached, this would be challenging. I turned on the faucet of to the shower and heard the sputter and then out came the water. I fiddled with the knobs for a couple of minutes before the temperature was right and I quickly de-clothed and carefully stepped in and bathed. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought. I lost my balance a couple of times though but since everything was so close to me I just had to reach out a arm to grab the soap or anything. I felt for the off knob but accidentally turned up the hot water instead. I yelped at the searing hot water on my body and quickly turned it the other way and felt around for the right one. There! I twisted it and shut off the water. Shivering, I stepped out of the shower and fumbled for the towel. I quickly dried and took my time dressing, making sure the shirt and pants were the right way around then walked out.

I always hesitated before moving, I was so worried that I would hit my head of some object or another and knock myself out. I paused to listen to the footsteps approaching my door. They were soft, a females, and they came in a slow rhythm. It must be my mom. The door opened wide and I smile, “Hi mom,” I said facing the doorway.

“Oh Anna! You took a shower,” she exclaimed happily.

“Of course I took a shower, I’m not that incompetent,” I said, feeling the anger inside of me bubble up again.

She discarded the anger in my voice, “Are you ready to go?” she asked me.

“Not quite, I haven’t packed yet,” I told her evenly.

“I will do that, your father’s in the hallway,” she said and brushed past me toward the closet. I opened my mouth to protest but I closed it again, I would let her do this, only once though. I thought through the plan on how to walk out, but before I could go a step my mom stopped me.

“Oh yes, I forgot, the doctor wanted me to give you this to help you,” she said and put something in my hand. I shivered at the contact and closed my hand over the hard plastic, a cane. Embarrassment creeped up my neck; I felt like a cripple but then again I guess I was. I heard my mom go back to packing and I walked out of the room. Not that I wanted to admit it or anything, but it really did help me get around.

“Anna!” I heard my dad’s voice call out and his arms wrapped around me in a hug.

“I have missed you, honey,” he said sadly.

I stiffened at the sound, I hated pity. I wasn’t helpless! My dad released me and took my arm to lead me out to the car. I let him, just because it would be quicker that way. I felt the swoosh of the automatic doors open then then I felt it again. The sun. Ah, it felt so good! It’s warming rays beating down on the Texas soil, washing over everything in it’s path. Giving it a feeling of life. I stifled back the tears as we walked to the car. I pictured how everything must look right now. The summer had only just started, but it felt like it had already ended. I ducked down into the car, keeping my hand out to make sure I didn’t hit my head, and leaned back on the familiar seat. I needed my horse and I needed to feel him again.

“Dad, can we go to the barn?” I asked, my heart filling with hope for the right answer.

I could feel his surprise at the answer, “No, Anna, we don’t think you are ready yet. Maybe in a week or so when you-” he cut off.

I was seething, if he was going to say, “get used to your blindness”, he might as well say it! I bit back my retort, it wasn’t worth it. But it did add to my already built up anger. I heard the car door open again as my mom got in.

“Are you ready to be home, Anna?” my mom said lightly.

Truthfully, no. I wasn’t. I needed Midnight! “Of course, mom,” I replied, trying to make myself enthusiastic. But it just wasn’t there. I sounded dull, like a shirt that had been washed to many times and lost it’s color. I sensed the tension in the car as my dad drove home. It was so silent... So dark.
Foxchase Farm  
Love it!! So excited for more :)
  Jul 31, 2012  •  1,845 views
Deleted Accounts  
wow this is getting really really good
  Aug 1, 2012  •  1,844 views
I really am loving this story so far.
  Aug 1, 2012  •  1,837 views
My Paper Heart  
Mad, you are amazing! I love this! I am excited for the rest of the it!
  Aug 1, 2012  •  1,792 views
Very Awesome!
  Aug 1, 2012  •  1,802 views
Double Spur Ranch  
still loving it! Keep it coming!
  Aug 1, 2012  •  1,815 views
Love Forever  
  Aug 1, 2012  •  1,844 views
Bright Horizon  
Thumbs up!
  Aug 7, 2012  •  1,833 views
Sapphire Flames  
very amazing are an astounding person with many talents! lol.
  Aug 7, 2012  •  1,794 views
Thank you for y'alls support! :D
  Aug 10, 2012  •  1,850 views
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