To Win The Triple Crown - Part 1
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To Win The Triple Crown

The dirt hits my face, flying into my nostrils and stinging my eyes. My rider, Eric, holds the reins tightly, preventing me from going around the horse in front. I run next to the rail boxed in by a chestnut horse to my right and a black horse in front. The horse in front speeds up a little, creating an opening just wide enough for me to squeeze through. I shoot through, ignoring the protests of my rider. The horse to my right startles and trips a little, losing a stride. The black horse surprised to see me, gets distracted and doesn't notice me shooting past him. Eric gives me my head and smacks my rump with a stick. I gladly consent and shoot away from the other horses. After a few strides, he pulls me up and another horse comes up beside me. Eric pats my neck and laughs with the person on the other horse.

"Good ride." The other person says.

I thank him then trot beside him to a circle, called the winner's circle. Eric gets off and stands next to my owner, a tall relaxed man of fifty with a gray head. He smiles happily and pats my neck. Flashes go off and someone hands him a shiny object. He holds it in the air and yells, making everyone go crazy. I jump a little, then relax at my rider's hand.

Eric had been my one and only rider. He had started racing me a year ago, when I just started racing. He knew everything about the way I liked to race and the way I preferred to do things my way. He pats my neck and kisses my nose, causing more flashes and a laugh from my owner.

My owner, Bill, has owned me since I was born. He never really interacted with me except when we came to this circle, which was after every time I've raced. I know he's proud of me - I have the biggest stall and everyone always gives me cookies at home.

When everyone leaves the circle, Eric leads me back to the racing barn. He hands me over to a stable hand who usually takes care of me in the racing stables. Her name is Marie.

She pats my neck and ties me up to a rail outside of the stall. She takes off my bridle and galloping boots, Eric had taken my saddle off earlier, then wets a sponge and sponges me off. After I am cooled down she leaves me standing in the sun for a minute to dry. The sun hits my back, warming it and loosening my muscles. I sigh and cock a foot to be in a more relaxed position. I hear someone walking down the concrete in front of the stalls towards me. I keep my eyes closed, starting to nod off.

"Hey, girl. You did good today. "Eric says.

I open my eyes and take the apple slice from his hand. He smiles and pets my nose, then gives me another slice. When I finish the apple slices he stands next to me and leans against my side. I close my eyes and bask in the sun.

"Are you ready for the next thing Zara?" Eric says after a minute of silence.

I look over at him. He glances at me then closes his eyes towards the sun.

"You have no idea what you're in for after winter. "He says, in an almost sad, melancholy voice.

I hear another pair of footsteps coming towards us. I look towards them and notice Marie. She smiles at me then notices Eric and hesitates.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Do I need to come back in a minute?" She asks Eric, looking at the ground.

He smiles at her. "Naw, I was just chilling with the star for a minute."

Marie smiles, then unties me and walks me into my stall. I watch Marie straighten my hay for some odd reason, then she pats me and walks out of the stall. She smiles briefly at Eric then trots out of view around the corner.

Eric watches her leave with a smile then pats my neck before he too leaves.
Great article! I'm surprised it had no comments, the Ponybox news section is really quiet.
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