Nerd Reviews: My Horse - Horse Game
 By RainbowNerd01   •   10th Oct 2012   •   8,484 views   •   8 comments
Horse GameThe Nerd Reviews series was inspired by somewhat of a moment of madness. I'm constantly on the look-out for new horse games to play so I decided I should give you guys the advantage I never had and find the game that’s right for you!

We start off this beautiful sunny day (If you’re not in England) with saying what this game requires. You must have either an android powered smart phone or an iPhone/iPad as this is not a phone for bricks (sorry). The game can be found by searching for the keywords “My Horse”. I only downloaded this game five days ago and I'm truly addicted to it. The graphics are simply beautiful and the game is easy to understand and operate.

Make sure that you are connected to your house WiFi, as it may take a long time to download because of it being such a big game. For me it took under two minutes to download the game in its entirety while connected to WiFi. The game has a second download that pops up upon the first time opening it.

You start off with the basic horse that EVERYONE gets. So before you have a panic that you can’t change your horse, you can but it is rather expensive. The horse has the brilliantly corny name of “Beauty” and this horse will be your steed for a good percentage of competitions, so you better treat her well!

The game is probably the best horse game out there on phones due to its beautiful graphics and interactive capabilities. This game gives you the chance to buy items such as; Pink tack sets, Leg wraps, rugs for when your horse is in the field, Rider casual wear, Rider Show Wear and much much more! You enter show jumping competitions with your horse and you also train your horse. You can groom, feed and give it treats to your heart’s content.

Keep at least 15 energy on you at all times, as you will otherwise not be able to get your horse’s health up or do jobs for money.

This game also has quests installed in it. These quests are easily completed bearing in mind that you have the money and have the patience. Some of the quests may include 12 hour jobs which can be very taxing. The quests are generally centered on horse tack, competitions and horse care, so be sure to put your willies in your bag!

Now back track a little to the paragraph where I stated that you can customize your horse. This customization only covers its mane, tail and forelock. You are only able to change the color and style of it for quite a few gems, but this adds to your presentation score. You can buy a different horse for 12,000 coins, or use up your precious gems. These horses can be Pinto’s (each with a unique pattern), white quarter horses or even a unicorn!

Make sure to charge up your phone as the pretty graphics use a lot of battery power. The horse game has beautiful gaits which includes lead changes in canter and the correct leg order. It’s almost as if you have your own horse in your phone as it includes normal behaviors that would occur in a herd or in the paddock.

Back track once more to where I said that you will need to have patience for long jobs. Be warned as here is a spoiler if you want to get fast coins and exp fast!

Select all the jobs you want to do and make sure that they are the longest time you can do without needing extra horses. Then close the game down and go to your date and time. Change that to one day forward and re-open the game, then close it down again and set the date back to normal. After the next re-open of the game, go collect that money and exp! However, as with my phone (A HTC Desire S) It didn't load and would freeze showing a black screen. The easy way to fix this glitch is to “force close” the game via the settings and then open it and it will be working with your job money still intact. Enjoy!

Overall I would rate this game: 10/10

This is due to the beautiful graphics, user friendly controls and interactive capability. You simply could not get a better mobile horse game than this and best of all its FREE! The joys of having a horse without livery bills and vet bills can now come true, so grab your hat and your saddle and get your horse moving! Here is the website link if you need more help:

Horse Game

Horse Game

Horse Game

Horse Game
Oh, my gosh! It's finally allowed one the Android! ^^

Haha, I was playing this game a loong time ago on my mom's iPhone, but I didn't know it was also for the android. Downloading right now. :P
  12 days ago  •  9,609 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Looks pretty cool!
  12 days ago  •  9,710 views
I have this game! You can actually change "Beauty's" name to something else if you want.
The annoying thing about the game is that it isn't exactly accurate. It does have some fun features, though.
  12 days ago  •  9,659 views
Valkyrie   MOD 
I was very disappointed that it wouldn't work with iPhone 3GS, but I played it a little on my flatmate's phone and it seemed pretty cool.
  12 days ago  •  9,617 views
It is far to big for me.
  11 days ago  •  9,759 views
Lucky!! It's like rubbing salt in my wound! I tried MORE THAN ONCE to download this game on my iPodtouch, and it WON'T OPEN!!! Arrrgh!!
  6 days ago  •  9,625 views
Mystic Rider  
I love this game. I downloaded it on my dads iPhone, but he deleted it, so as soon as i got my iPad, it was the first thing I downloaded. Definitely an addictive game : )
  Jan 17, 2013  •  9,730 views
How much storage does it use?
  Jun 23, 2013  •  8,758 views
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