A Changed Mare
 By My Paper Heart   •   27th Oct 2012   •   2,248 views   •   5 comments
As the majority of you know, I have had problems with my moody mare, Penny, for years on end. In the past she has pinned me up against fences, thrown big fits over nothing, and practically acted like a wild mustang. But she still had her moments where there was peace and calmness. To my surprise, the minute my neighbor's sold their horses I could see a change in her. I hadn't even worked with her in a while, which was really the reason I was surprised. The horse I once knew as a reckless, useless mare was now calm. I won't lie, she does have her wild at heart moments, but there has been a major change.

A Changed Mare

She just suddenly became calm, but the absurd thing is that she now wants to bond with me. The fact is she has never done this, so I was completely unsure if I should trust her and bond, or run away quickly and call the vet. But it occurred to me that she will be turning thirteen in March and maybe her old lady days finally caught up to her and she wants to settle down. I have been able to sit down in the same pen and read my book or do homework without any objection from Penny. Before she would pin her ears back and make sure I would be exiting soon. I have been able to stand right next to her and have her, on her own, move her head and rest it on my side. I have never had this happen to me before. I have heard people talking about that moment for ever and I never understood until now.

With her acting so calm and gentle I will be able to work with her more easily and possibly in the future, I will be able to ride her. This is good news because I don't think I could have handled selling her. I had said that I couldn't stand my horse, which at times was true, and even once I said I absolutely hated her. The minute those words escaped my mouth I fell to the ground and began crying. I swore to my mom I didn't mean it. I honestly didn't mean it. It was just a moment of complete and utter anger and it got the best of me.

I'm happy for the good times I have had with my girl and I'm thankful for the bad times. Those times have taught me more than any teacher could. It's strange how you can learn from silence. I don't regret ever purchasing her, even though she is an ignorant, stubborn, and moody mare. I have loved her through our ups and downs and I will keep loving her through my life. I have had so much help through the past few years with Penny from several members and I will be grateful forever. Those little tips here and there have taken me places I thought I would never reach. Even moral support helped. Just the fact that I had people behind me, encouraging me through this journey has helped me beyond words.

I have also had those doubtful people, telling me that I was never going to reach my goal. That I didn't deserve my horse because I'm not grateful for having her as a lawn ornament. Those are the people who messed me up. Those are the people that I let ruin my days. Those people don't matter anymore! I have gone farther than I ever dreamed I could. Remember: Dreams can come true, but you must strive to get them accomplished.

A Changed Mare
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PonyBox  MOD 
Glad to hear you found a way to connect to your horse. Sounds like it was a long time coming :)
  Oct 27, 2012  •  1,823 views
YAY! I'm so happy for you! That's great Penny is doing better! I have a massive headache but if I didn't I'd be running around the house screaming with joy! :)
  Oct 27, 2012  •  1,713 views
Painted Destiny  
I'm so glad Penny is doing better! This is great! (:
  Oct 27, 2012  •  1,744 views
PonyBox  MOD 
The article was just moved to the correct account. Make sure when you guys submit news articles you put your ponybox username in the email so that we know who to credit.
  Oct 28, 2012  •  1,830 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Glad to hear you guys found a connection.
  Oct 29, 2012  •  1,809 views
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