To Win The Triple Crown - Epilogue
 By Stay Untamed   •   31st Oct 2012   •   2,254 views   •   1 comments
To Win The Triple Crown

After the Belmont I go into retirement. My legs were apparently damaged. When I ran the Belmont, I damaged them even more. I finally had to get surgery in my front right leg.

Swiss comes with me to the breeding barn. We get stalls next to each other and we get put into the pasture together with another horse named Candy Apple.

Eric comes and sees me every week to say hi and he fills me in on his races and how he's doing. He's doing really well. His career had taken off since winning the Triple Crown, on a mare no less. He doesn't come out as often since then, but he'll always be a part in my life since he was my one and only jockey.

Marie is still my groom, and always will be. She comes and grooms me and Swiss everyday. She always takes a longer time with me though, because she tells me all about her life. Her life is going well, she's the head groom for the mare breeding barn, and the only groom for me, and is apparently is going to start traveling with her fiancÚ. That's right, her fiancÚ!

Wanna guess who?


He proposed two days after the Belmont apparently. They seem really happy. They both come out to see me sometimes, but mostly they see me individually.

Bill comes to see me every week like Eric. He always brings an apple for me and always seems bothered when a person comes and tells him he has to be somewhere else instead of with me. I think he likes to visit me. We had always been close. He was the first person to handle me when I was born, so I think I'll always be his horse.

I met up again with the advice horse, Spree, from the Preakness. Apparently Bill bought him for a little price, but he's glad. I get along great with him. I see him every week. He's my best friend, and I must say if it was my way, we'll end up like Eric and Marie in the future when I'm fully retired.

One day last week Amy, my own little vet from the Belmont came out and told me some interesting news.

I'm pregnant!

I was a little surprised and might have given someone a concussion with a random kick I gave. Oops. Anyway, it turns out to be a little colt that belongs to me and Spree. Spree was so happy when he heard this. He ran around and around the pasture, yelling at the top of his lungs the news.

I have to say I'm not really ready for a baby, but hopefully I'll still be a good Mom.

That's my new dream, by the way. I already won the Triple Crown, so I thought I ought to change my dream.

To be a good mom. Yeah, I think that's a good one.
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Great job on the story line, definitely one of the good ones. Hmm, wonder what's going to happen with the colt?
  Nov 4, 2012  •  2,012 views
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