The Story Of An Angel
 By Run Free   •   5th Nov 2012   •   2,271 views   •   5 comments
The Story Of An AngelLet me start with the beginning of my little pony Angel's story, she was bought on October 16th 2010 and she was extremely underweight and 'greener than grass'. At just 3 years old she was put out on grass and on conditioning feed to get her weight up. Once she was all filled out and happy looking I was told I was to ride her, just walking and trotting with bar (the little pony she was bought along with) who would be ridden by my cousin Killian. Killian was one of the best I had seen a horse, he seemed to get the best out of the horse and make it look like he was sitting there doing nothing. Killian would give me lots of tips on small things to do with Angel as we walked and trotted around.

After about 3 weeks of walking and trotting in the arena Killian suggested we go onto the roads (the horses were just shod the day before). We walked along the usual route of the short block when Killian turned onto a lane where I took Buddy on our first hack and said "hold on we're going for a good canter!" Before I had a chance to respond we were cantering up the hilly lane! I was slightly nervous, there were lots of dogs along the path and it was getting dark, but Killian said it was totally safe. We navigated our way past the rocks and boggy patches and I struggled to stay in balance on slightly rough terrain. Thankfully Angel (bless her soul) tried her best to slow on the turns and kept straight when possible. I'm lucky her canter is so smooth, I didn't once feel I was overly off balance. This ride was the beginning of something special, we began to canter more regularly both in the arena and in the open. After Angel was 4 years old it was suggested we began jumping. Angel took to it like a star, she wouldn't over jump too much and she was always so willing to give her best. In addition, her flatwork was coming on heaps and bounds.

The Story Of An Angel

In short order we signed up for the Killinick Harriers Hunt branch of the Irish Pony Club. Pat (the yard owner) was a strong influence on the club after hunting with them for as long as I can remember. After an instructor watched me and Angel they agreed we could participate. We began rallies in 2011 and Angel flew her way through, she had her first cross country jump, her first show-jumping course and we got selected for the Horsemanship Special Dressage Event. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of the rain but the DC said it is a huge achievement to be selected and many people have gone all the way through pony club without being good enough for selection, so I was over the moon at being selected.

After that summer things weren't as good, Pat got really sick but we continued to try our best with all the horses. One day out of the blue my dad received a text from the DC of the pony club, Larry O'Keefe. I was asked did I want to do my C test over the winter with 3 other riders, Emma Cousins, Lauren Cousins and Edmond Cleary. I agreed to give it a go and we flew through the first few weeks of training. But on cross country day Angel got nervous and began refusing the fences. She never enjoyed cross country so we had only done it about 3 times before and it was really difficult. After that day she continued to fly as the day of the test grew nearer.

We did well at the test but had a few stops in cross country, but the examiner said she had never seen any girl as determined to get a pony over a fence as me! She said I could have written an entire book on the stable management section and we had passed the pony club C test. It was a brilliant day and I couldn't have been happier than I was as I hacked Angel home. Thankfully Pat was home and he said no other horse and rider pair deserved it more than us two. I didn't stop smiling for two days :)

The Story Of An Angel

Unfortunately, not long after the C test Pat died and there was less and less work done with the horses. We continued to try our best, but then Angel got into a habit of refusing just as the summer was nearing. We did well for a while until the day of the all Ireland inter schools. Just after passing the tack inspection I went to turn Angel into the warm up ring and she reared, almost vertically with her front legs thrashing in front of her. This is the total opposite of my pony and my friend shouted at me to jump down as my dad tried to grab her reins. She reached the ground and I dismounted and led her back to the box. A friend had seen the incident and asked could he look at Angels teeth. He had a look and discovered a wolf tooth growing and said to call a vet when we got home and leave her chew on hay in the box for now.

It was only 2 days later and her wolf tooth was removed and she was given a weeks rest before pony club started. She flew the first rally and unfortunately we discovered she had gone into season during the second rally. We missed camp after it was moved an hour away and Angel was left alone while she was in season.

When she came back into work she was flying and we were doing so well until she gained some weight after escaping into a field of clover on five different occasions. She began to get quite lazy, but my hopes are still that by next summer we will be back to what we were before Pat got sick. That ends our two year story and brings us back to today and hopefully soon I can give you more detailed stories of small sections of our lives together.

Thanks for reading :)
Wouldn't overjump too much...

What's overjumping to you, then?! XD You guys look pro. So glad she's doing great!
  Nov 5, 2012  •  1,956 views
Starlight Farm  
I agree with Iggy on the over jumping - I mean, look at those knees! D

Sounds like you did a pretty good job with her!
  Nov 6, 2012  •  2,155 views
Run Free  
Well I mean she doesn't do it regularly but when she does over jump boy does she make sure everyone knows she's over jumping. Those guiding poles were coming to eat her hooves, she had to jump us both to safety you guys, it was obvious to her.

Thanks, she's doing so well lately :')
  Nov 6, 2012  •  2,008 views
Run Free  
And forgot to mention on the subject when she was left chewing hay in the box instead if going home we had another horse there that hadn't finished their rounds yet so we had to wait for him. Just read it there and realised it didn't sound like I was being that nice to her :p
  Nov 6, 2012  •  2,015 views
Awww what a sweet story, you do a great job with her!
I agree with the others above me.
  Nov 8, 2012  •  2,044 views
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