My Warrior - Was My Horse Abused
 By My Paper Heart   •   1st Dec 2012   •   2,687 views   •   9 comments
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Most people don't understand why my parents bought me Penny if she was so awful. I had begged and pleaded for a horse. I wanted one so badly I would do anything! On my eight birthday my parents bought Penny after my mother had rode her on several previous occasions. According to my mom, Penny seemed perfect.

Penny arrived on a sunny Saturday evening, she was very calm and collected considering the circumstances. She didn't spook, and she most definitely didn't throw any of her now common fits. The odd thing was she had scratches all over her body and one very noticeable one above her eye. When we asked, the previous owner said she had fought some other mares and hit her head on the trailer. I was fine with that explanation and never suspected a thing. As Penny began to become more comfortable at home, she became friends with our family dog, Bear. She wanted nothing to do with me.

The previous owner would come to our store every once in a while and ask how she was. The moment I told him she had become rowdy and moody he disappeared, as if he had fallen off the face of earth. My mom and I came to the conclusion she was drugged when my mother rode her. I haven't seen the previous owner in about four years, but I have made a promise to myself to let everyone know of his wrong doing. I highly doubt he will be selling anymore horses.

unfortunately, Penny absolutely hates men. It doesn't matter how much you are around her, she will do everything in her power to get you away from her. The vet is the most hated. We think the vet reminds her of someone in her past. She is a bit calmer around my dad, but still flattens her ears onto her head when he is around.

Penny and I had our fair share of fights. Sometimes I would walk away, giving her the win with tears in my eyes wishing I had never laid eyes of that beast. But other times I stand my ground when I have the patience. I have leaned over time that getting Penny's respect is going to take a lot of work and more patience than I knew I had.

Even with the struggles, she has taught me so much and I wouldn't take it back for the world. In times of doubt, I have to think to myself 'things could be worse,' and the very well can be. Life is a mountain, you can choose to climb it or you can hit the road.
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Love it!! So glad you were able to save her from what ever she was going through!! I have Chris who was abused...but he was abused by a girl or woman, so he is better around Men, but once he gets used to people he gets much better. He is great around me, the barn owner and a few of my closer friends, but really he still gets a tad crazy!
  Dec 1, 2012  •  2,228 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Happy to hear you were able to give her another chance. Hope you locate her new owner soon.
  Dec 2, 2012  •  2,288 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Glad to here you were able to give her another chance.
  Dec 2, 2012  •  2,289 views
Thanks for sharing! It's great to know that you gave her a second chance, and were willing to push through it all.
  Dec 2, 2012  •  2,209 views
Your an absolute inspiration to all of us!!
  Dec 2, 2012  •  2,428 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Nice story. Sometimes the most difficult horses are the best ones.
  Dec 2, 2012  •  2,256 views
I am so glad you own Penny!
  Dec 3, 2012  •  2,179 views
Good story! It's very touching. :)
  Dec 4, 2012  •  2,216 views
Prarie Rose  
Love this! :) I can't wait until we see an article about how amazing she has become. :) Best of luck to ya!
  Dec 20, 2012  •  2,395 views
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