My First Horse Fun Show With Etch
 By MississippiEtch   •   23rd Feb 2013   •   2,898 views   •   2 comments
My First Horse Fun Show With EtchI have been riding my horse Etch ever since I was a little girl. As I started growing up my friend Lori taught me the responsibility's of caring for a horse like Etch. My most memorable moment was my first horse show "Fun Show" at South West Ranches.

Carrot Race
The first race was the Carrot Race. You had to get to a barrel at the end of the paddock and there would be a bag of carrots. You then dismount your horse and grab a carrot, and without touching your horse you have to lead him to the end of the pasture. We cantered to the barrel holding the carrots and I literally flew of the saddle to grab a carrot when we stopped. Since Etch isn't such a big carrot fan, he went at a walk across the pasture, but we did get to the finish line. Because Etch went so slow, we didn't win a ribbon but we had fun.

Flag Race
The second race was the Flag Race. You have to grab a flag, go around the barrel at the end of the pasture and then stick the flag in another bucket. Etch was really scared of the flags so you can imagine what it was like. We went around the barrel with the flag so many times I can't even remember until i finally grabbed the flag. Again, we didn't get a ribbon, but he did kinda get a little less scared of those flags by the time we finished.

Sack Race
The third race was the Sack Race. In Sack Racing you have to run to the end of a fence, then grab a sack and put one leg in it. Then you have had to take the horses reins and lead your horse to the finish line. At first we were at the front, but then everyone got ahead of us and we ended up finishing fourth.

Barrel Racing
The fourth race was Barrel Racing. You have to go around three barrels in a pattern. Etch was previously a barrel racer so he got really excited when he saw those barrels. We didn't go too fast, because it was my first time and Lori didn't want me falling off, but we did go at a fast canter and won first place!

Pole Bending
The fifth race was Pole Bending. You have to go in and out of the poles to win. Etch also used to be a pole bender. At first he didn't really remember it, but at the end we were at a canter and when we were almost at the finish line he didn't do a gallop, but kinda in the middle between a gallop and canter. We still ended up with a second place!

Hair Hat Pin Race
Last but not least was the Hair Hat Pin Race. There is a barrel at the end of the pasture and on the barrel is a hat. You must grab the hat and place it on your helmet. With the hat on your head you run back to the finish line without it falling off. Etch was not as scared of the hat as he was of the flag. We started of at a fast canter and grab the hat on the first pass of the barrel and galloped back. We won first place!

Well there it is, that's the story of my first horse show with the best horse in the world, Etch!

Etch in his new purple bridle
Etch in his new purple bridle
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awwwwwwwww! I love this article, I loved how you explained each event. I had never heard of the hat one!LOL!
  Feb 23, 2013  •  3,355 views
Hey! Great story! Now where did you get that purple bridle? Its about time you put a bit on it!! He looks so smexy in it :) I thought me and Stormy did pretty good in the hat one, only 4th place out of 6 people *woot Woot* but Imagine IggyPogo won 3rd in that one out of like 20 people! :) But for serious the bridle looks AMAZINGGGG on him, it looks better than I thought it would *1 more point for Sam! :) Oh yes!!!* I think we have another show in April, but I just don't want it to be on my Bat Mitzvah though, that wouldn't be too good. Did Lori or Megan tell you the actual date of the fun show?

(sorry for so long, fellow ponyboxers, this is what happens when I am just too lazy)
  Feb 23, 2013  •  3,528 views
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