Beau Returns To Competition After Lameness
 By Foxchase Farm   •   2nd Mar 2013   •   1,637 views   •   2 comments
Time to give you all an update on Beau! He is doing quite well. I left off at the last vet appointment where he was showing lameness in his foot, but our farrier couldn't find anything. We let it go a month and our vet came back. There was a huge sigh of relief when he jogged out sound! She pulled out the ultrasound just to check and make sure everything looked good.

And... it did!

This meant that Beau was allowed to come back to the barn and start going under saddle again (well, at more than a walk). It's definitely safe to say that I was excited! His first time back was perfect. He was going around on a loose rein and felt like he was floating. I was so happy to be back on my boy again.

Beau Returns To Competition After Lameness

The next two weeks I could only walk and trot. As bad as I thought it was going to be that I couldn't canter or jump, I actually enjoyed it. I wasn't allowed to make him do anything that required too much work like bending or framing up. The next two weeks we started to canter. The first couple times were definitely rocky. He couldn't remember where his legs were supposed to go! But as soon as we got the hang of cantering, we ran into a problem. He was kicking out and acting like he was going to swap his lead. I didn't know if this was just him being weak, or if he was having pain somewhere. He definitely isn't the type of horse to have an attitude about anything (except his food), so I immediately came up with the worst case scenario and started freaking out.

I let it go for a little bit and we took him back to his first show and did the pleasure division. We won the first class, but were last in the other two. He spooked in the second class and was kicking out again in the canter. I decided to have the vet come out and watch him go. He's having some back pain and there's a number of things we can do, but we decided to wait and see if it will go away with muscle building and time.

Then we took him to his next show. This one went much better! We won the first two classes and were second in the last class, and ended up champion. I was so happy with him. I could feel him thinking about hopping up at the canter but he didn't. I was so proud!

Beau Returns To Competition After Lameness

He's slowly but surely getting better. Yesterday I rode him in the elevator to lift him off of his front end, and it was a huge difference. He didn't even think about kicking out and was perfect. He was working really well and felt great. Riding him just gives me this sense of ease, it's hard to explain. I love him so much. We will be starting to jump in around 2-3 weeks so another update will be sure to come with that! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Beau Returns To Competition After Lameness
PonyBox  MOD 
Glad to hear Beau bounced back! Congrats!
  Mar 2, 2013  •  2,509 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Congrats! Glad to hear the injury wasn't permanent.
  Mar 3, 2013  •  3,218 views
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