One Eyed Bandit - Horse With One Eye
 By RememberMeForThis   •   16th Mar 2013   •   6,806 views   •   1 comments
I met Bandit, a 13.3 piebald gelding at my trainerís barn two years ago around August 2011. He was a crazily fast half-blind piebald who was a mini-me to a horse named Nippers. Bandit thrived as a lesson horse; he was fit, happy and well ridden at the small barn. No one knows the true story of how he lost an eye, but we guess that someone hosed him on his blind side, he spooked and the cross-tied pinged into his left eye, leaving the vet no choice but to remove the eye.

One Eyed Bandit - Horse With One Eye

The school barn didn't want to spend the money on his treatment, so my trainer collected the money to avoid having Bandit put down. After 3 weeks of stall rest, a couple sets of bandages and loads of treats later, he was moved to a boarding barn where I half leased him to get him back to work and help pay for his board. As for the scar that the removal of his eye left, most people donít even notice heís missing an eye. If Bandit was a couple hands bigger I would buy him on instant. In addition to his eye injury, Bandit has a locking stifle problem from a injury in the field at the schooling barn, but other than that, and being a bit chubby, he is a healthy pony!

One Eyed Bandit - Horse With One Eye

Since losing his eye Bandit has had balloons popped on his blind side and doesn't even flinch. He has even been ridden completely blind by covering his head with a raincoat. Bandit jumps and only has trouble with going in circles because of his locking stifle, and bumping into things and his favorite spot to be itched is actually his eye socket, weird pony.

Recently, all the other half leases on Bandit have stopped and I only borrow him for Pony Club events. Bandit may be sent back to his original home when I get my own horse where he would get better care to live out his life - but until then, I will do what I can to keep him comfortable and happy.

One Eyed Bandit - Horse With One Eye
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Just A Rainbow Seaweed  
I am glad he is ok! he is so CUTE!
  28 days ago  •  7,823 views
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I met Bandit, a 13.3 piebald gelding at my trainerís barn two years ago around August 2011. He was a crazily fast half-blind piebald who was a mini-me to a horse named Nippers. Bandit thrived as a lesson horse; he was fit, happy a ...
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