My Dream To End Horse Cruelty and Abuse
 By My Paper Heart   •   19th Mar 2013   •   4,578 views   •   4 comments
One area where society needs to improve is on cruelty to animals. People assume that since an animal, in most cases, is smaller, weaker and not as intelligent as us they can treat them like trash. Studies show that 64.5% of animal cruelty cases were with dogs, 18% with cats, and 25% with other animals. The most common victim is pit bull breeds of dogs. Their muscular bodies and appearance make people think the breed is vicious, resulting in abuse and irrational decisions to put the dog down after even the smallest incident.

Starvation of animals is also a big problem. In some cases itís because people canít afford to pay for food, but they love the animal so much they donít want to let go. In other cases the owners are too lazy to give the proper care and nutrition required.

Abuse is the most common and tragic of all cruelty. People beating an animal to submission to feel the power they donít have over others. In this real world example a woman abuses her horses with a whip while riding. Another woman asked her a question about hurting the horse and the abuserís response was,

ďYes itís a hard blow for him, but he needs many whacks harder and tougher for better performance.Ē

When the woman was questioned about her choices of training the abuser responded,

ďI ride all my horses this way and I'm very demanding when it comes to riding.Ē

This woman is disgusting. She finds pleasure in beating an animal for her pleasure.

A friend of mine shared her story of her abused horse. She bought her pony Angel on October 18th 2010. Angel was underweight and very nervous when close to people. She was riddled with various types of worms and had horrible hooves. Angel was green and could barely trot for a few strides without stopping or tripping. We don't know who owned her previously. Angel was just dropped off to us by a friend of her previous owner. Angel has a huge fear of whips and we believe she was beaten as a young pony. Today, she is one of the most pampered ponies at the barn and is an amazing show jumper. This is a perfect example that every horse deserves a second chance in life.

I have a dream that one day we wonít have to worry about animal cruelty. That one day, we wonít see those poor animals on the news. That one day, we wonít tear up when we see how the animal was abused and how it ended up dying. I have a dream that one day all living things will be at peace with one another.

My Dream To End Horse Cruelty and Abuse
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Just A Rainbow Seaweed  
here here! fab article!
  Mar 20, 2013  •  4,988 views
Run Free  
so great to read it XD awesome article, I showed it to angel on my phone and she licked it so I presume she likes it too XD
  Mar 22, 2013  •  5,305 views
Putting down dogs so easily- especially pit bulls- is why I just can't justify supporting the ASPCA... :/
  Mar 28, 2013  •  4,765 views
I have a pitbull/shepherd/boxer mix- she is very muscular- who had her mouth tied up tightly with twine and starved for months as a tiny puppy. She was rescued and needed surgery to remove the binds and then we found her and adopted her
  May 10, 2013  •  4,700 views
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