Making A Plan For Your Equestrian Dream
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Making A Plan To Your Equestrian DreamWhat is your plan and goals in regards to your horse riding? Do you just plan on having a few lessons each week for fun, or plan on progressing into an equestrian sport with more extensive training. If you don't have a plan, you could find yourself in disarray, both financially and emotionally.

To start, ask your parents just how much they pay a year for your lessons and other equestrian expenses. Assume your mother or father earns $12 dollars an hour and your new breeches cost $70, monthly boarding expenses run $250 and that lovely saddle pad that you are dying to get costs $35. That is a total of about 30 hours of your parents work. Measuring the cost of your horse in relation to work gives you a better understanding of the actual cost in time that your equestrian hobby requires.

Don’t you want to make your riding career worth it? Think out a plan; where do you REALLY want to go with your riding? What is your goal? Don’t have one? You better find one or you are basically wasting your parents money and more importantly, their time.

There are many goals you could set for yourself, such as getting a scholarship for college, moving up in the levels of your discipline, gaining experience to become a horse trainer or riding instructor, or achieving the ultimate goal of training for the Olympics. But to be honest, not everyone can reach their dream in this expensive and demanding field. Do you have the money, ability, and opportunity to get to the very top? Think about it, and be honest with yourself in setting a goal in steps that are obtainable. If you really want to get to the top, you can do it. If you really want to become a top notch trainer, you can do it. It won’t happen overnight, but if you start a plan now and break this plan up into achievable goals, you have a better chance of meeting or exceeding your plan.

I recently started up my own plan. I look at my life right now and honestly I can’t do much. Being in the hospital for 18 days took its toll on me and left me with all my riding muscle and calluses gone. In fact, it will take me a while to recover. Madeira hasn't been ridden in over two months and has most likely lost her edge. So I’ll be going back to square one when I get my strength back; slowly regaining muscle and riding ability on a pony who will give me a run for my money, or should I say bruises? In addition, I have about a month’s schoolwork to catch up on; lucky for me I’m home-schooled.

After pondering all these scenarios and ideas, I came up with a plan that I started when I returned from the hospital on March 18th. First, catch up on school and regain more feeling in my legs. Second, get my driver’s license! Driving is a huge part of the plan and can make or break the outcome. Third, get Madeira back on top. Madeira will be worked by me (ground work and lounging) and also by a few of my riding friends who will be riding her and getting her fit again until I can ride.

Making A Plan To Your Equestrian Dream

Recent Update
I'm healthy, riding again and my abilities are back just in time for show season. This is where serious things start happening. My new goal is to become a very good show jumper and dressage rider - Grand Prix here we come! Unfortunately, Madeira can’t quite do Grand Prix, though she does come close. So, I would need a bigger, more talented horse. As show season comes along I hope to be working and showing with a nice warmblood, in addition to working with Madeira and getting her show record in nice form for the 2014 Spring breeding season. By next Spring I should have my lovely driver’s license and be able to drive myself to places to ride - making it easier on my parents. One thing you can’t forget is this plan costs a lot of money. I will need to get a job to help pay for all this and work in the yard and house to make things easier on my parents. My social life will definitely suffer, but that's fine with me.

You can kinda see where this is going now. There is a plan split up into smaller goals. The goals are a journey through the plan. If I want to ride and train more, I have to be able to drive myself, thus I am getting my license. Want a new horse? I have to work on the yard and get it ready for a new horse to make things easier on my parents, not to mention getting a job to help pay for a few things. All this comes with a lot of opportunity though. It will be a long, hard road, but don't you think your dream is worth it? Dream big, work hard, it will pay off.
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This is so perfect and really sets things into perspective. Thanks for the amazing article. ^^
  Mar 24, 2013  •  3,019 views
"What is your goal? Don’t have one? You better find one or you are basically wasting your parents money and more importantly, their time"

So.. what I'm taking away from this article is that a rider has to plan to compete or make some goal, otherwise they are wasting everyones time and money?
I know of children who love to simply groom and ride. The do not have any goal other than enjoying themselves
Horse riding does not always have to have a goal.

Other than that, it is an interesting, well written article!
  Mar 25, 2013  •  3,156 views
Great article!!
  Apr 16, 2013  •  2,810 views
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