Still Burning - Chapter Four - A Change in Direction
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Horse Story - Still Burning

“Jane!” her father’s voice called from the bottom of the stairs, making her want to cover her ears and groan. She opened one eye, inviting in the early glow of morning which shot through her window in rays. Reluctantly, she rolled out of bed and stumbled to her mirror. The girl she saw staring back at her looked like a patient in a mental institution. Her hair was tangled and unruly, curls tumbled over her shoulder in a mess of knots.

Jane moaned in frustration and starting separating her waves and braiding them into one, big messy braid over her shoulder. Jane sighed again and crinkled her nose at her reflection. She pulled on a pair of ripped, over-worn, light denim jeans. To her surprise, when she reached the bottom of the stairs, her father, Liam, Andrew, and Lewis were all waiting for her.

Andrew impatiently played with the hem of his shirt and looked up to see Jane rushing down the staircase. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, he caught himself staring. Her hair fell perfectly in a braid over her shoulder with a few loose curls framing her face. Her natural, radiant skin looked fresh and well-rested. He wondered, does she always look like this in the mornings?

“What are you staring at?” Jane hissed, unkindly jerking Andrew out of his day dream. Her natural beauty did not mask her malicious attitude.

“Nothing,” Andrew said quickly, “Just waiting for you to decide to get out of bed, Sleeping Beauty.” He added with a sneer.

Jane rolled her eyes and her father started talking, “Jane, I called you down here because I need you to help out. The herd got out last night and Lewis, Liam and I are going to get them back while you and Andrew fix the fence. Okay?” Will started moving towards the door.

Jane did not like this idea at all. Her eyes narrowed into slits as she stared back at her father with anger. “The fence broke somewhere down by the river crossing,” Lewis added on.

“Why can’t Andrew fix the fence himself?” she blurted out. Andrew shifted his weight uncomfortably.

“Jane, you are going to fix the fence and Andrew is going to help you. No questions.” Will ordered with the last of his patience.

“Why can’t I ride and Liam helps Andrew fix the fence?” Jane suggested.

“Jane, that’s enough, do as I told you.” Her father said as he followed Lewis outside.

Jane moaned in defeat and slid her boots over her jeans quickly. Andrew could tell that Jane had no interest in spending her morning with him, and she didn't try to hide it. “Jane, can I have a word?” he asked, trying to keep up with her and slipping boots on as quickly as possible.

“What word would you like? Egoist? Narcissist? Jerk? Or how about my favorite, no.” Jane snapped.

Andrew let out a sigh. These comments must have been leftover sting from their fight the night before. “Jane, please,” he called after her as he stumbled out the door, pulling his other boot on.

Liam flicked the truck keys at Andrew and grabbed his shoulder as he passed him, “You two behave yourselves,” he said with a sly smile. His intimidating dark green eyes locked with Andrew’s.

Andrew wasn't quite following what Liam was trying to imply, but Jane seemed to understand as she rolled her eyes and waited for Andrew to unlock the truck. Will started for the barn, Lewis and Liam close behind him. “Liam, you can ride Aquillo right?”

Jane swiveled at the mention of his name. She chased after her father, “Dad!” she called, catching up to him before he could reach the barn. “Dad, you can’t take Aquillo!”

Andrew looked up to see that Jane had vanished. His eyes led him to where she stood, blocking her father from entering the barn and looking quite strung-out over something.

“Jane, what on Earth are you talking about?” Her father asked, annoyance in his tone.

“Listen to me, Aquillo is unridable. You will have to one of the others, please.” Jane explained frantically.

Will pushed past her into the barn and groaned, “Please don’t tell me you still think this horse misses Noah.”

“He does,” Jane argued, keeping up with him. “How else can you explain the sudden mood swings, violence, and the fact that he has barely moved from that stall since Noah left?”

Lewis and Liam waited impatiently outside as Jane argued with her father. Will was beginning to lose his patience as well. “Jane, I’ve had enough of you already and it’s hardly 8 in the morning. Please, get out of my way.”

Jane was stubborn, she always had been. She was not going to give up easily and that was something she got from her father. “Please.” She persisted. “Just don’t take Aquillo. Take Barron or Dakota.”

With a long, painful sigh Will gave in. He nodded, “Fine, Jane, just quit giving me trouble.” He groaned.

Jane turned away with relief. Liam and Lewis disappeared into the barn leaving Jane and Andrew to fix the fence alone. The truck was already loaded with miscellaneous electrical wires, posts, and nails. A fence breaking wasn't an uncommon thing.

Andrew slid into the driver’s seat and stuck the key into the ignition without asking questions. Jane got in and watched Andrew carefully. As he reached for the shift, she stopped him. “You have to push the-” she began, but she realized that he had already pushed down on the clutch and shifted gears. She was impressed.

“I may be from the city, Jane, but I know how to drive a manual.” He said with a smile as if he read her mind.

Jane looked out the window quietly, peeking at him out of the corner of her eye to see how he was doing. Surprisingly, he looked like he knew what he was doing. Andrew knew she was watching him, and smirked as she took secret glances his way. “How?” she asked at last.

Andrew chuckled and kept his eyes on the two dirt ruts he was following, “My dad worked in construction,” he began, glancing over at Jane. “The first truck I learned to drive was a stick-shift.”

The squeaking and rattling of the old truck prevented any more conversation between them as they drove through the pasture to the broken fence. When they reached it, Jane was the first to get out. She headed straight for the back of the truck and started unloading things.

Andrew joined her, taking the heaviest things first. He carried posts to the broken fence and evaluated it. The corner post looked as if it had rotted away and fallen into the river, while the wire was still unbroken. He pulled the remaining post out of the ground and threw it aside.

Jane and Andrew worked together to replace the post and reset the wire. For once, they were close enough to touch and were not fighting. They made a good team when they worked together. Neither person dared to say a word. When they finished, Andrew kneeled beside the new fence and cut the excess wires. Jane watched him quietly until finally breaking the silence.

“What was with that stunt you pulled last night at dinner?” Jane asked.

“What stunt?” Andrew asked, glancing up from his work.

“Making up completely false stories about us and telling my father? Do you think this is a game?” she asked, raising her voice.

Andrew laughed to himself and walked by her, carrying the spool of wire and the remains of the old post. The sky was growing light and the air was just starting to feel warm. The grass was still wet and cold from the night before. The sun was just beginning to appear over the trees. “Oh, that.” He said with a smile.

“Yes, that. Explain it.” Jane demanded, following him to the truck with the wire cutter.

“Lighten up,” he replied, “I’m just messing with you.”

Jane set the wire cutter in the truck beside the wire, “I came out and apologized to you and you’re pretending it’s a game.”

“Is that what you call it?”

“Call what?” Jane looked back to Andrew. Her dainty brows furrowed as she frowned.

“That little guilt trip.”

“It was not a guilt trip! I came to you to apologize, but really, you should have been the one apologizing for your outrageous behavior.” She shot back at him.

“My behavior. My behavior was outrageous?” Andrew laughed again and threw the pieces of the old post into the back of the truck one by one.

“What is so funny?” Jane was becoming frustrated.

“You!” he shouted, ripping his gloves off his hands and throwing them into the back of the truck. “You are impossible!” Andrew turned away in defeat.

“I’m not the one being difficult here! You went and-”

Suddenly, Andrew did the unthinkable. He turned back, grabbed Jane’s angry little face and kissed her.

In all of Jane’s anger, frustration, and hate she felt a completely new passion as Andrew kissed her. In the same moment, instantaneously, they connected. Before she realized it, she was wrapping her arms around his neck. He ran his fingers through her hair, around her ear, making her forget everything else. She tipped her head back into his hand and let herself take in this new and different feeling.

A loud, booming voice came from what sounded like a distant place. “JANE!”
Jane pulled away from Andrew and snapped back into reality quickly. Then it hit her, what was she doing? It was then that she realized that the voice that sounded so distant was only a few yards away. And that voice belonged to her father. Jane’s heart stopped beating.

“Get in the truck.” He said, “Now.”
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Hmmm, starting to wonder what you are setting us up for?
  Apr 5, 2013  •  4,018 views
Oh this is just too good. Must. Read. Next. Chapter!
  Apr 5, 2013  •  3,725 views
Moose! This is great! A J.K. Rowling next book, author! :D Their really good, Can't wait for the next chapter. Love them
  Apr 5, 2013  •  3,484 views
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo frustrated!!!!! you have to write next chaptor now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....or else!
  Apr 6, 2013  •  3,387 views
Sapphire Flames  
Wow...I cannot wait for the next chapter!! This is amazing! :D
  Apr 9, 2013  •  3,529 views
o my gosh. andrew is sooo cute!!!! i hope her dad lets them be together.
  Apr 10, 2013  •  3,407 views
So I'm late reading this but my horse is named Jane and there is this hard rock singer called Andrew so I just pictured the hard rock singer kissing my horse and I'm so confused now...XD
  May 22, 2013  •  2,964 views
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