My First Show On Pogo [Video]
 By IggyPogo   •   16th Apr 2013   •   1,802 views   •   4 comments
This show I awaited anxiously, since it was Pogo’s first show ever! I wanted our debut to be memorable. My previous two horse shows had been on board the talented Sophie and Jett at our barn. Unfortunately, I couldn't ride Pogo at these shows due to tooth surgery right before each show.

We signed up for all six races - The Carrot Race, Relay Race, Flag Race, Sack Race, Barrels, and Poles. All of which can be explained in MississippiEtch’s article, except for the relay race, which turned out to be our shining moment.

Pogo was third in line for the carrot race. It was his first event and his first show ever, but we weren't the least worried since my food-obsessed pony should absolutely love this one. He stepped confidently into the ring, looking around but not towards his friends. Then the announcer called go! Pogo took a trotting step and then gave into my urging and shot towards the barrel, going wide but slowing quickly as I hopped off, grabbed the carrot, and bolted back towards the finish line. Oinklet followed me happily, ears pricked, seduced by the wonderfulness of the carrot. We finished with a 22.4 second time and second place.

The second race was everyone’s least favorite - the sack race. Basically the winner is the epitome of slow and steady wins the race. Pogo and I didn't even think about winning or placing. It was a survival of the fittest gig for us. I was the fittest and Pogo was the survivor.

The third and my personal favorite was the relay race. The second we heard the hat race was being replaced by it Megan and I tackled each other, screeching, “Heck yeah partners!” So it was kind of obvious who my partner would be. In the race you have to hold a ‘baton’ (which translates as Cheap Wooden Stick) and gallop to a barrel, circle it, and run back to your partner and hand them the baton to repeat the process. My partner Megan urged Jett into his usual okey-doke canter and did as they were told, passing off the ‘baton’ easily. Pogo and I had to move fast to make up time, and boy did he. We tore around the barrel, heading back to the finish with a flair, managing to lasso a second place! I was so excited, especially since we competed against state barrel-racing champions.

The next race was the flag race, which was the downfall of us all. Those terrifying, horse-eating flags absolutely were plotting to eat our horses, and Pogo was in the right for keeping me away from the barrel. Our time wasn't impressive and we didn't place.

Everyone came for the fifth race - barrel racing! I’m the first to say Pogo and I were not ever going to win in a million years. He never barrel raced before and I didn't have much experience in it with only two previous races under my belt. However, we gave it our best show and were racing against ourselves this time. Suddenly I knew what to do - hands forward, body tilted slightly towards Pogo’s neck, legs squeezing and my little guy flew. We barreled (excuse the pun) towards the first barrel, I sat back, mane streaming and Pogo whipped around it, flying towards the second! He swung wide around it - no, no, no! and before I knew it we were upon the last barrel, heading home. Go go go! Pogo flattened out. And breathe... done! We roped a 23 second run! I wanted to jump off Pogo and run a lap around the earth, screaming this personal victory to anyone who would listen.

Pole bending was the final event and I wasn't too fond of. It was fun, I guess. Pogo and I tore towards the first poles, whirled into a quick canter and bounced back and forth between poles. As we turned to do the second lap he lost momentum and trotted the rest of the course. Of course we burned up the arena heading back, but our time wasn't as impressive as the others, but frankly, I didn't care.

Pogo was a little champ in his own right that day, and that’s all that mattered.
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Faith forever  
You did great! =D
  Apr 16, 2013  •  2,620 views
PonyBox  MOD 
Glad to hear you did so well for your first time out on Pogo!
  Apr 17, 2013  •  3,116 views
Absolutely brilliant!! Well done!! :D
  Apr 24, 2013  •  2,643 views
Nice job! You can tell he's green but you did a great job on him. Sorry to sound rude or anything- this is totally not meant to be rude- but on the barrels pressing with your legs and turning your head even more might help a bit! Again, nice job and Pogo is so cute!
  May 6, 2013  •  2,718 views
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