Still Burning - Chapter Seven - Happy Together
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Horse Story - Still Burning

Jane sauntered off the porch. The intense afternoon sun swallowed her whole. The rays of light bounced off her golden skin and glowed. The feel of it sinking deep into her skin and warming her veins made her smile and shudder. The summer was reaching it’s peak, soon to be the longest days of the year. Jane brushed her blonde hair from her eyes and started for the pasture to fill the water tanks. The sun had been sucking away at the water all day, putting it just below half a tank. As she looked up, she saw a man and a horse in the round-pen near the barn. She froze.

Her heart dropped in her chest. “Noah?” she whispered, giving herself goose-bumps. He reached out slowly, his hand hovered over Aquillo’s nose. She watched and her heart beat faster and faster. His hand made contact with the horse, something she hadn't seen anyone do since… It could only be him... But how? Her breath caught in her throat.

Andrew lifted his hand from Aquillo’s nose and turned to see Jane staring at him. “Jane!” he called out.

Suddenly her mind made the connection as she heard Andrew’s voice. No. It wasn't Noah. A strange feeling of relief and sadness washed over her. It was like she had just woken from a dream.

Andrew met her at the gate of the pen and leaned against the bars. He glanced back at Aquillo, who watched him curiously, “It's funny... He thinks I’m Noah. He actually trusts me.”

Jane sighed and shook her head gently, still trying to wrap her mind around it.

“It’s amazing.” She said softly, “I thought you were him… back there. I thought I saw him.”
Andrew’s smile faded. “It’s like... I am.” Andrew patted Aquillo’s neck, “Either that or he has a thing for the tall, dark and handsome.” Andrew smiled, trying to cheer her up.

Jane laughed and shoved Andrew playfully through the bars. She watched Aquillo toss his head and nudge Andrew eagerly. The horse she saw was not the same horse that had almost killed her just a few days before. It was like Aquillo was completely changed.

“Thank you,” Jane said softly. “It means a lot that you did this.”

Andrew nodded, “I know.”

Jane reached through the bar cautiously and let her fingers float just inches from Aquillo’s face. She made the daring move forward and released a soft sigh as Aquillo allowed her to touch him. It was truly like a dream.

“Jane?” Andrew said, interrupting her moment with Aquillo.” I want to apologize... to you. The second night I stayed here, Aquillo lashed out at you and I called him a wild animal. I should have given him a chance, I should have given you a chance to show me...”

Jane’s smile grew. “You don’t need to apologize... to me.”

Jane’s smile spread to Andrew. He laughed and rested his arm on Aquillo’s neck.

“I’m sorry too,” He said to the gelding.

“Just look at them, Will,” Elise said softly. “They’re happy.”

Will watched as Andrew ran around the barn, pushing Jane on the pile of the hay in the wheel barrel. Hay was flying out and being strewn around the yard and on their clothes. She screamed and laughed loudly. From the distance Jane’s parents watched, they could not see what Andrew saw. He watched her tilt her head back and let her tresses of hair fall over her shoulders and into the hay. Her soft, pink lips opened up into a perfect, genuine smile and she laughed the sweetest, most heart-warming, ear-pleasing laugh. Her dark, thick eyelashes melted into one line and formed the cutest little wrinkle at the corners of her eyes. It was such a shame, he thought, that she didn't even know it. She didn't know how perfect she was without trying, how beautiful she was on the inside, and how good he felt when he heard her laugh. In his eyes, she was perfect. How could they not see it? How could everyone around her be so blind? Everyone else seemed so involved, so distracted with their own selves to notice them. Why was it that he could see others’ flaws, but not find a single one of hers? This thing that blinded him was love. But Elise could tell. She knew as she watched Andrew laugh and swerve, that he was in love.

Jane covered her eyes as Andrew swerved away from a fence post and pushed her towards another. Jane screamed again and tipped her head back to look at him. Andrew shook the wheel barrel and ran over another bump, making her laugh even harder. They were happy. They were so incredibly happy. They were two people thoroughly enjoying life in each other’s company.

Will looked back at Elise, who was he to destroy such a beautiful thing? He sighed. “She better be careful, or she might fall in love.” He said.

Elise just shook her head and smiled, “Honey, they are in love.”

Will glanced back at Jane, who was climbing from the wheel barrel and chasing after the tall, dark-haired boy. He stopped and let her catch him. Andrew picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder like she was a shovel. He spun her in circles, her legs kicking up into the air and laughing.

“I just don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Will, Andrew is a good kid.” Elise reassured him. “Just give him a chance before you judge.”

“That doesn't mean they don’t need boundaries. She can’t just keep disobeying me and thinking that there are no consequences.” With that, Will left Elise in the dining room to watch Andrew and Jane. It warmed her heart to see her daughter so happy. She wouldn't dare jeopardize that. But Will had other intentions for his daughter.

Elise heard the back door open and she began to worry. Jane and Andrew had disappeared into the barn and Will was no where to be seen. All she could do was sit in the rocking chair and wait for the events to unfold.

Suddenly, the front door opened and Jane walked in, she had a small frown on her face as she headed for the stairs. Her mother stopped her, “Jane, what’s the matter?”

Jane looked up the stairs and shook her head, “He said he was going to stop trying to build walls around me.” She said, “But he can’t help himself, can he?”

“What did he do?” her mother asked.

Jane refused to answer and stomped up the stairs to her room. Elise just shook her head and sighed as the door slammed behind her.

The front door opened again and her husband walked in.

“What did you say to her?” Elise asked immediately.

“I didn’t say anything to her. I put him to work.” He answered.

“Doing what? Will, I told you to let them be.”

“I told Andrew to bring hay down from the hayloft. It needed to be done.”

“William.” Elise said, like a mother scolding a child. “Can’t you just let them be in love?”

“That is not love, Elise. She's only 17 years old, what could she possibly know about love?” He shouted, “They need responsibilities, boundaries, parenting-”

“She’s a big girl, Will, she doesn't need you to make every decision for her.” She argued.

“Well I’m making this one.” Will ended the conversation and walked back outside.

That was the way things worked. When he was done talking, she was done talking. Elise hated it, but she had accepted that it wouldn't change, and neither would he.

Later that day Will, Liam, and Andrew had returned from the cattle weigh-in, which had kept Andrew busy for a majority of the day. Jane took to reading to keep herself busy while he was away. She had started To Kill A Mockingbird before the beginning of the summer, but she had never sat down to read it. When she heard the sweet sound of trailer rattling and shaking as it moved over the loose gravel driveway, she threw the book to her bed once again and stumbled down the stairs as quick as she could.

Jane’s hair was tied up in a loose, messy bun on the top of her head which bobbed up and down as she hurried outside. She appeared on the front porch in a t-shirt and light blue shorts, shredded at the ends.

As she leaned over the wooden railing, she saw Andrew’s dark hair appear from behind the truck door. He shut the door and looked to the house. His eyes fixed on the sweet sight of Jane, standing on the porch and waiting for him. Andrew’s mouth formed a smirking, half-smile as he walked to the other side of the truck.
Jane’s father muttered something to Andrew and Jane saw his expression drain from his face. She chewed the bottom of her lip and waited patiently. Andrew glanced back at Jane, she stood taller. Then he looked away and disappeared behind the trailer again.

Jane’s petite shoulders fell, her small smile faded, and her eyes lost their sparkle. She felt an ounce of anger in her chest as she watched her father order Andrew around. Liam nudged her, making her jump. She hadn't seen him approach.

“You okay?” Liam’s voice was surprisingly friendly.

Jane tipped her head to face the tall blonde beside her. “No.” she sighed, running her fingers over the weathered wood of the railing.

“Dad problems?”

“What?” Jane quickly denied it, “No.”

Liam had a way of seeing right through Jane, better than anyone, even better than Andrew and Flora. He tilted his head in a certain way that always made her cave. There was no point in denying the truth.

“Maybe,” she answered.

“It’s about Andrew isn't it?” Liam glanced back at the trailer and leaned over the railing, his shoulder touching Jane’s. “Dad’s really cracking the whip on him lately.”

Jane’s brows formed a tiny crease as she followed Liam’s gaze. “I know...”
Liam watched Jane watch Andrew. He saw the way she looked at him and after a long silence, he straightened up and started for the trailer. Jane’s eyes became a little bigger. “Liam, what are you doing?” she asked, pulling him by his shirt.

“Don’t worry,” Liam said, breaking free and stepping off the porch, “you’ll thank me later.”

Jane watched impatiently as Liam wedged himself between Andrew and the trailer. He smoothly took Andrew’s place holding the door open as her father unloaded cattle. Andrew looked confused at first, then Liam said something to him that Jane could not distinguish and Andrew looked towards the porch. Jane started to smile, realizing what her brother was up to.

Andrew had made it to the porch without Will noticing. “I can't talk long, if Will finds out I'm with you he'll probably lock you in a tower."

Jane sighed and glanced at Liam and her father, unloading the cattle into the west pasture. “I’m so sorry...” She apologized. Andrew put one foot between each bar of the railing and pulled himself up beside Jane, sitting on the edge, facing Jane. She smiled and rested her elbow on his knee, “We'll just have to wait until after dark... Let’s go for a ride tonight.” She suggested.

Andrew’s thick, dark eyebrows raised into a look of surprise, “What kind of ride?” he asked curiously.

“An extremely dangerous, life-threatening one that my parents would probably never allow.”

Andrew laughed, “Well in that case, you can count me in,” he played along.

Jane smiled, “Only if you promise you can keep up.”

“I never turn down a challenge.”

“Great,” Jane said with a confident grin, “Meet me at 11, or forfeit.”

“I won’t let you down.” Andrew said, smiling down at Jane. Then in one swift move, he spun around, lifted both legs over the railing and jumped, landing in the lawn and headed back to the trailer.
gah there soo cute!!
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Faith forever  
Amazing! I can`t wait to hear about their ride!!
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hmmm, cant wait to hear about their night ride...
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