The Secret To A White Mane Tail And Feathers
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If you own a paint, draft or another horse with any white feathers, mane or tail, you probably hate yourself for buying that horse when you enter the show ring. Fact is, white gets dirty. This uncommon trick will get them white again without bleaching.

The Secret To A White Mane Tail And FeathersGoop hand cleaner. Mostly used for Mechanics or other persons who get their hands dirty and donít have the luxury of a sink and soap (like my dad apparently). Goop is a basically a blob of white stuff that can be used to remove dirt from surfaces even without water. Itís safe for kids, so itís safe for your horse too! Myself and friends have used this product with the exact same result - whiteness!

Goop hand cleaner canít just be applied to the mane or tail and rinsed off like shampoo. The process will take around 15 minutes to get white, but it will last a long time. It even works well on my horse Bandit, who will always find the muddiest field to play and roll.

To begin, pick your hair salon location. I suggest an area with a water hose close by as you will need water. Take your goop, get however much you need and work it into your horses dry mane or tail. Leave the holy goop stuff in for about 5 minutes. After such a long wait, wet the mane, tail or feathers slightly, being careful not to wash out the Goop. Wait another 10 minutes and then wash out. You can then use a towel or hair dryer to dry the hair.

BAM! White!

The Secret To A White Mane Tail And Feathers

I did this with Bandit and it lasted nearly a month of pure heavenly white. Goop can also be used as a stain remover for your clothes, which are probably dirty as youíre a horse groom - if they aren't then youíre doing something wrong. The super part about Goop is that it's not expensive and can be purchased nearly anywhere (like Wal-Mart, but face it what canít you get a Wal-Mart?). You can also purchase it online at

Enjoy the white!
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He's certainly white, and I'll be sure to mention this Goop stuff next time I go to the barn. :P
There's another product on the market, not as long lasting, but works quickly and we swear by it: Ivory dish soap, at Publix, for a dollar and something cents a bottle. We discovered it a few weeks ago and the horses get spotless with that as well.
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