The Story of My Horse Trillium
 By Winniefield Park   •   30th Apr 2013   •   1,699 views   •   1 comments
I've owned my horse Trillium for just over five years now. When I first met Trillium, she was just one of the many horses my sister rescued, and I didn't really pay much attention to her other to notice how terribly emaciated she was. She was covered in thick, shaggy reddish-brown hair, her hooves, although still shod, were badly over grown, and her hip bones stuck out like a cow. Actually, I remember seeing her standing at the back of the stall, looking at me with her big white face and thinking she had more in common with a Hereford than a horse.

Trillium wasn't actually a rescue. Her previous owners became afraid of her. They had bred her, but the foal died three days after it was weaned. Given Trillium's dire condition, one could only imagine the condition of her poor foal. Her previous owners delivered her to my sister's barn, a trip of eight hours, in a shabby little trailer most of us wouldn't haul a goat in.

The Story of My Horse Trillium

My sister, having had many such horses before, stabled her where she could reach a round bale and allowed her to relax and eat. Within a few weeks, the transformation was astounding. Her angles turned into curves, and she caught the eye of my mother, always looking for good school horses, but who like me had been a bit dismissive of her at first.

When she was finally in healthy condition, she was used for riding lessons. She proved very well-behaved and nicely schooled. One of the students rode her in a local schooling show, and Trillium won one of the many ribbons she has accumulated since we first met. When my Clydesdale cross Freya died, as brokenhearted as I was, I was desperately looking for 'the horse' to replace her. I made some mistakes, bought and sold a few, and all the while kept noticing the sweet-faced mare at the barn.

Finally, my mother suggested I ride her. I wish I could remember that first ride more clearly, but obviously, it must have gone well. Since that ride, she has done everything I've asked her to. She is broke English and western, both my daughter and I have shown her hunter, and my daughter has taken her in pre-entry level horse trials and I've taken her on set speed rides. About three years ago, I started taking dressage lessons. We've gone to a few small dressage shows, and although I still have an enormous amount to learn, we've actually received scores in the mid-80s.

The Story of My Horse Trillium

She's not perfect though. She can do a 180-degree turn that is quite a challenge to sit and had a moody day at our last show where the judge's only comment was 'tactfully ridden'. She's not a great trail horse. She's happy enough in a group, but going out alone is very stressful for her. She's also not a happy about getting on a trailer either.

I'm happy to forgive her flaws and insecurities though. She's earned the right to some of them, considering what she's been through, and she's taught me a lot. And now, I usually like to end my stories nicely, but the truth is, I'm glad this particular story is far from over.
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aww! I am glad you gave her a good life:)
  May 1, 2013  •  2,313 views
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