Do You Wear Makeup To The Barn
 By Winniefield Park   •   5th May 2013   •   5,871 views   •   16 comments
Iíll admit it, Iím a little vain. I like nice clothes, to have my hair done, and I wear makeup. I even wear makeup to the barn, even though I donít wear my Ďgoing to town clothes', and my hair is usually tucked under a ball cap. I only wear a bit of makeup, enough to prevent my eyes from looking too rabbity. And I like to dress neatlyóit may sound strange, but I think itís respectful to the horse and to those around you to dress neatly. Now we've all seen those girls. The ones that arrive at the barn with their hair perfectly arranged, thick makeup and clothing that clearly hasn't been near a horse yet. If by chance they do get near a horse, they look much different leaving the barn than when they arrived. So I figure, thereís not point over-doing the hair and makeup thing if youíre only going to look worse and worse as the day goes on. I go for neat, comfortable and safe.

One thing I learned a long time ago, when I was conditioning for distance rides, is never wear lip gloss to the barn. Why? One word: flies. Lip glosses are sweet smelling and sticky. Stable flies like sweet and sticky. And, where I live, itís not unusual to be chased by a cloud of deer flies as you ride. A good, brisk working trot is enough to keep you ahead of the cloud, but should you stop or turn around, youíll be in the middle of them. Even though deer flies aren't attracted to sweet and sticky like stable flies, they ping off of your head looking for a place to land and take a chunk out of you. Should one ping in the vicinity of your lip gloss, it will stick. I know this from experience. Itís not nice picking a bug out of your lip gloss. A better choice for the barn is non-sticky lip balm. If youíre showing, a circumstance where slightly more makeup would be appropriate, long wearing lipstick in a color a shade or two darker than your natural lip color works well.

Eye makeup can be tricky in the stable. Flying dust, hair and chaff can make your eyes itch and make you want to rub them. You canít do that with eye makeup on. Mascara runs if your eyes tear, you splash water on it, or your horse blows snuffle in your face. Itís safety first at the stable or on your horseís back, and not being able to see because your makeup is running into your eyes isn't safe. It also stings and looks awful. Waterproof mascara can be really hard on your lashes, so avoid it or at least use the recommended cleanser so you donít rip your eyelashes out. Likewise, foundation just tends to rub off when youíre working with your horse, so itís best left for occasions when you have time for touch-ups. Eyeliner, lightly applied, is often enough to prevent your eyes from looking too naked, usually stays put, and wonít look gloppy if it wears off a bit.

So thereís my recipe for wearing makeup to the barn. If you think about it, makeup probably isn't going to make that much difference. Once youíre working with, or riding a horse you already look impressive anyway!
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PonyBox  MOD 
I do not, but I agree that you should dress decent at the barn. Like they say in the business world, dress for the job you want. If you feel good about yourself and keep your stall, clothes, truck, trailer, tack room organized and clean, it will reflect on your performance and save you a lot of time throughout the day :)
  May 5, 2013  •  6,892 views
I cannot go outside without make-up, so I always wear it to the stables.
Not loads, just a bit of foundation, some eyeliner and some lip balm. I prefer balm to lipstick or gloss because it lasts longer, sinks in so it doesn't get sticky and it's good for softening your lips. For the foundation problem, I'm terrible...concealer, liquid foundation AND powder to ensure it stays on! My new years resolution was to stop wearing so much, but I've failed miserably.
  May 5, 2013  •  6,460 views
Dark Star  
I only wear make up when I'm showing, because people have repeatedly told me I don't need it, and my horse sure doesn't care how I look, it's not gonna change their mind on whether they want to throw me in the mud, make me chase them a few miles, or rub their shedding face all over me. But I do agree, we have people at the barn who wear make up like they are going to a photo shoot or something, then they stop riding to fix their makeup.
  May 5, 2013  •  6,454 views
Valkyrie  MOD 
I sometimes do. If I think I look particularly hideous or have zits or something I'll put a little on. Nothing much, though. Usually I just put eyeshadow/mascara on once every three days or so and let it wear off XD
  May 5, 2013  •  6,446 views
If I wear my contacts I'll brush on some black, dark brown or (rarely) blue eye shadow and maybe *maybe* some black eyeliner on the bottom lid halfway across. I do this mostly because with a round face, hooded eyes, and my bangs out of the way sharper looking eyes help make me not look like a melon with a helmet on. XD I think if you go to the stables feeling good no matter what you are wearing you'll have more fun and your horse will probably will more confident if you're confident!
  May 5, 2013  •  6,318 views
Foxchase Farm  
I don't wear makeup at the barn, or anytime! Haha but I do like to keep a "professional" look with a polo and nice breeches.
  May 6, 2013  •  6,672 views
I usually just wear foundation because of my bad acne. I've never really worn a lot of makeup anyway.
  May 6, 2013  •  6,422 views
Deleted Accounts  
I always wear foundation, water proof mascara and blush. I also always do my hair in a french plait, I guess if I didn't do riding you'd never guess I was a horsie kind of girl because I am a girly girl cheerleader
  May 6, 2013  •  6,457 views
I wore make-up for prom, but I told myself I would never wear it again. I felt so fake! It was awful. Make up is like hiding behind something to hide who you are.
  May 6, 2013  •  6,443 views
I think I would die if I ever wore makeup... I think it's pointless. Especially since my sister put on a lot of foundation the other day and her face got red from laughing and it didn't look very appealing. At my horse shows, they really stress makeup and say it will effect your score but I was like "no... never makeup..." so I didn't wear it and I did fine. I also think it takes way to much time to put it on and is too expensive to keep buying it.
  May 6, 2013  •  6,549 views
I wear mascara that's it
  May 7, 2013  •  6,720 views
Brook Farm  
I don't wear make-up. I have never liked make-up, for some strange reason (People say I will as I get older). In a way there is no point because, the ponies aren't going to judge you on the way you look (No afence to people who like wearing make-up to the barn). But people are different, some do and some don't.
  May 7, 2013  •  6,274 views
I always use a bit of powder, sometimes Foundation, very light foundation, however I am not a "girly girl" I never have aha.
  May 9, 2013  •  6,453 views
Deep as Rhubarb  
I don't generally wear makeup to the barn... Sometimes a bit of concealer or foundation.
  May 22, 2013  •  6,110 views
Hems Foresters  
Nah I just tie my hair back and pop on a blue polo t shirt and black jods! Not a girly girl and I never wear Makeup :)
  Mar 15, 2014  •  5,429 views
P a r a d o X  
Personally I do about 90% of the time, mainly because I am either on my way home from work, or on my way to school. The barn is normally just another stop in my busy day, and because I wear make up for both school and work, I end up wearing it to the barn.
  Oct 3, 2014  •  4,048 views
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