What Color Ribbon Will You Win
 By Winniefield Park   •   3rd Jun 2013   •   22,202 views   •   6 comments
When I was very little, my favorite color was blue. I liked blue clothing, my bedroom was blue and when my mother bought my sister and I aprons to wear when we helped in the kitchen, I was angry because she gave my sister a blue one and gave a red one to me. I was absolutely devastated when I learned that in Canada, where I live, first place horse show ribbons are red, and not blue. Who wants a red ribbon? I wanted to win blue ones!

Over the years, I've won almost every colored ribbon it’s possible to win. The first show I took Trillium to, we won a pink sixth-place ribbon, and that was very exciting because it was our first show together and there were thirty in the class. I've gotten over being disappointed about winning blue ribbons.

Depending on where you live, the ribbon colors at horse shows can vary. There are several different reasons for this. Different colors in different countries have special relevance. For example, in Holland, the color orange is very important. The Dutch national flag has orange on it, it is the color of the Dutch royal family, and its historical significance dates back to the time of William of Orange, born in 1650. On Queen’s Day, which is held on April 30th, the Dutch people dress themselves up in orange as part of the celebration. Many Dutch athletes dress in orange, including the Dutch equestrian team. At the 2012 Olympics, the show jumpers wore orange blazers, and the dressage competitors wore orange collared jackets over orange vests. So, it’s no surprise that if you win first place in Holland, you’ll be awarded an orange ribbon.

Here in North America, the color of horse show ribbons is pretty standard, although as I mentioned in Canada, first place is red and second place is blue. First through fourth place are predictably, blue, red, yellow/white, white/yellow. But this isn't always the case. Some shows give ribbons that are all one color, but are printed with the placings. This may be because of preference, such as a stable who wants to use their colors. Or because the budget—green ribbons were on sale at the local trophy shop.

Here is a chart of the ribbon colors commonly used around the world.

7PurpleBrownPale Green--
10Pale BluePale BlueGrey--

What’s your favorite colored ribbon? Does a color, other than blue or red for first place have significance for you?
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Foxchase Farm  
I've always loved purple ribbons!
  Jun 3, 2013  •  23,800 views
Loved this article!!! I always loved winning the blue when I was younger but I did always love green ribbons for some reason lol.
  Jun 4, 2013  •  23,419 views
Valkyrie  MOD 
In New Zealand it varies depending on what type of show it is :) Smaller shows held by private people may have different colours to official shows. But it usually goes -

First - red.
Second - blue.
Third - yellow.
Fourth - green.
Fifth - pink.
Sixth - white.

At all the shows I've been to ribbons aren't given out past fourth.
  Jun 4, 2013  •  23,882 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
In South Africa it's:


After that, it's pretty much anything. Usually white or pink. But we often stray from our colours, especially at sponsored shows.
  Jun 4, 2013  •  23,588 views
I live in the UK, and fourth place is normally green, not white...I must live in a unique region xD
  Jun 4, 2013  •  24,222 views
In my stables they only go down to 4th and then they either give us ones with "special" marked on it or none!
  Jun 18, 2013  •  23,472 views
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