IRH Riding Helmet Review
 By Comanche Ranch   •   20th Dec 2009   •   6,361 views   •   5 comments
IRH Riding Helmet ReviewWhen I was looking for a new helmet, my mom had a Troxel so I tried it. NONE of the Troxels fit my head! Believe me, we tried every Troxel my size. So we ended up trying the IRH Helmet. The first one I tried on was not only very comfortable, but showy, and had a dial in the back! It fit my head and even the it was $90, it was still the pick and both my mom and I loved it!

I have had my fair share of falling. I've fallen on my head with it. Sure the dial popped out but you just pop it right back in! I've fallen on my side with it, again on my head, and my head doesn't even hurt! Thats how padded it is on the inside, and sturdy it is on the outside!

If you like to show in Pony Club Rallies and shows, then I would recommend the IRH Helmet. Not only is it very safe, but it can change colors in the front. You can either have a serious gray, which I like to use for Dressage, a pretty pink, which i use for Jumping and Cross Country, and I like to use the sparkling blue when I feel like having a good time, like when I'm at my Pony Club Mounted Meetings.

Also, the IRH Helmets, have a dial in the back so that you can adjust it too your head if your a kid and still growing.
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If you've fallen on your head in your helmet, you need to replace it right now. Helmets are not meant to be worn after one fall where the head recieves concussion - they loose their protective abilities after just one fall where the head hits.
  Dec 21, 2009  •  3,748 views
I've got that! Haven't fallen off with it yet but I'm glad you've written this review! Thanks! :)
  Dec 21, 2009  •  3,762 views
Colins Legacy 3  
wow! nice review! i had a troxel and when i fell off at a canter, it cracked all the way through and allowed me to get a serious concussion... but yeah, if you've fallen, take it off... its no good anymore...
  Dec 21, 2009  •  3,767 views
Helmets are not designed to sustain more than 1 hit. Even though you can't see any damage on the out side, (or maybe you can) the padding on the inside is compressed and will not protect your head. Though I do agree, IRH are extremely well built helmets, comfortable, and adjustable. They're also well worth the money.
  Dec 21, 2009  •  3,738 views
Topthorn Equestri  
I love this helmet! It is comfy for any ride. And perfect for shows. I have always used IRH helmets any other brand makes my head look big. I have this helmet shown in the picture and I love the color changing strips. The ajustable dial makes it easy to fit any rider. I tottaly recomend this helmet. :)
  Dec 21, 2009  •  3,719 views
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