Pros and Cons of Jobs In The Horse Industry
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If you’re horse crazy, there’s no question that you've thought about a future career in the horse industry. What would be better than spending all day, every day with horses? Here’s a look at five careers that you might aspire to.

Horse Trainer
Every time you handle or ride your horse, you are training it. However, a career as a horse trainer means you’ll not only start horses, but deal with a the many issues of ‘problem horses’. You’ll be riding many, many horses and need to know how to deal with the specific needs of each one. Often, experience will be your best teacher, although there are plenty of clinics, seminars and even schools for those who wish to one day be professional horse trainers.

Pros: You work your own hours, set your own prices and choose who you want to work with.
Cons: It’s dangerous and owners can easily un-do your hard work and call you a bad trainer. You may not make a lot of money, especially at first.

Riding Instructor
If you love to teach, a career as a riding instructor may be for you. Often, stable owners and trainers are also instructors, so this may be only one of the things you do to support your horse career. Ideally, a riding instructor or coach should have some sort of qualifications. This might be certification from an organization Equine Canada, American Riding Instructors Association, Centered Riding®, USDF or British Horse Society. Each country has its own equine organizations, so find out which body oversees the qualifying of riding coaches near you.

Pros: It’s fun seeing riders progress.
Cons: You work a lot of evenings and weekends. You’re on your feet a lot and rarely ride.

Horse Dealer
If you have a keen eye for good horses and matching them to prospective buyers being a horse dealer might be an exciting career for you. Horse dealers have a bad reputation, that now-a-days is undeserved. Horse dealers must constantly circulate, looking for good deals they can turn into a profit. Sometimes training the horse before it is suitable for resale is required. Some horses may come in poor shape. So a dealer sometimes needs to be a jack-of-all-horse-trades, from nutritionist to trainer.

Pros: Work your own hours, for the most part.
Cons: Bad reputation. Dealing with ‘tire kickers’ and people who don’t show up for appointments to see horses. Hazardous handling problem horses.

Equine Veterinarian
A veterinarian my work with more than just horses. Alternatively, vets may focus solely on horses. As an equine vet, you may work at a clinic dedicated to looking after horses, or you may travel widely to see clients. You’ll need to diagnose, treat and provide follow-up support for a myriad of different conditions. You’ll be giving routine vaccinations and doing euthanasias. You might be giving nutritional or breeding advice or preforming surgery, including gelding.

Pros: Well paid, wide variety of work. Job satisfaction when things go right.
Cons: Years of school, often longer than a human doctor, hazardous dealing with frightened and injured horses, long hours, including middle of the night emergencies.

There are lots more ideas for working with horses, from a race track announcer to saddle maker. What would your dream job with horses be?
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Dark Star  
One thing I can add to the cons of being a vet, it is a very emotional job. Especially when you work on your own horses. I know from experience that it is hard to make the right choices, whether it's your horse or not. You also get really angry when the owners won't do the right thing, especially when it means the animal is going to die or suffer. I remember several times things just didn't go how it was expected to, even when everything was done correctly.

Experience: Worked with a vet for past 2 winters during breaks working night shift (Foaling, cleaning stalls, moving foals, giving meds, stuff like that).
  49 days ago  •  15,307 views
My dream career would be mainly breeding, training, and showing high quality horses, maybe old type Morgans, as well as buying and retraining some high-potential prospects to resell. Just all kinds of training and buying and selling. :)

And that's only 4, not 5.
  49 days ago  •  14,726 views
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