The Many Moods of Mares Explained
 By Polo the Weirdo   •   12th Jul 2013   •   7,129 views   •   9 comments
The Many Moods of Mares Explained

Mares are wonderful, amazing creatures. Although usually less ‘flashy’ than their male counterparts, it’s a well-known fact that mares frequently offer double the performance, and often put in twice the effort. Mares simply try harder, and this is what we, as horse people, love about them. What we don’t love, of course, is the moodiness that comes with them. After all, mares have more moods than I could count on my fingers and toes combined.

The Many Moods of Mares Explained

1. “Workin’ the Streets”. This mood occurs most frequently when stallions are present. The affected mare will be seen prancing around, tail in the air, and presenting her buttocks to every horse, human and camera lens in sight.

2. “Diva”. A mare likes to look good. She doesn't want you pulling out her glorious mane, and she’s certainly not going to step into a puddle of mud. As for dressing her up in ‘Winnie the Pooh’ blankets and saddle pads – don’t even go there, sister.

3. “Twilight Fever”. Like human girls, most mares nurture a secret wish to meet a sparkly vampire stallion that’s going to whisk them off their hooves and take them galloping off into the sunset. In order to find him, they bare their teeth and offer up their bleeding human as bait.

4. “Lovestruck”. Whether it’s with some hunky gelding, a sexy stallion, or even a big bucket of oats - mares fall head over heels just as quickly as their riders do when trying to separate them from their respective ‘lovers’.

5. “Forever Alone”. A lonely girl on Valentines Day is a common (and depressing) sight. In the same sense, mares often suffer the pangs of unrequited love, like when they’re rejected by their handsome stallion friend, or find that they actually finished the bucket of oats a few hours ago. This leads to miserable, sulky behaviour, and a mare will often refuse to perform due to her unbearable heartache.

The Many Moods of Mares Explained

6. “Wind in My Hair”. All girls love to feel the wind in their hair, and when it comes to lovely equine ladies, they’ll do almost anything to feel it. One little gust, and a frisky mare will be kicking up her heels and running for the hills.

7. “Drama Queen”. That’s right; mares crave drama and attention just as much as that annoying blonde cheerleader who cries every time she breaks a nail. Whether it’s a stone in her hoof or sand under her saddle, a mare will waste no time in showing her rider (in no uncertain terms) that she’s feeling uncomfortable. Whether it’s a buck so big she’s about to go into orbit, or an instant lameness that remarkably occurs only when leaving the paddock, you’ll know she has something to say.

The Many Moods of Mares Explained

8. “I Hate My Corset”. Like a woman from the early 1800's; a mare will usually be fairly tolerant of having a big old strap pulled tightly around her waist. After all, a saddle is more stylish when it’s on her back than when it’s dangling under her belly. Other times, however, the doing up of the girth is a crime punishable by tooth. Or rather, teeth – lots of them.

9. “Tough Girl”. This is the part where your mare starts singing, “We are never, ever, ever getting back together”. A mare will reach a point where she realizes that she doesn't need an army of boyfriends or a pet human to make her happy. If the grass is greener on the other side, well then girlfriend, she’s going to jump the fence and gallop right on over there.

After trying to do up my mare’s girth, that concludes the number of fingers I've got left to count on, providing examples of just a few of the many, many moods that a mare is likely to exhibit in the space of five minutes. Or the space of a dressage test, or a showjumping round, or barrel race, or whatever other majorly important activity you had planned for her to refuse to do.
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My Paper Heart  
ROFL! This was hilarious to read, but so true. I'm pretty sure Penny is a mixture of Drama Queen and Tough Girl.
  Jul 12, 2013  •  7,972 views
Polo the Weirdo  MOD 
Who out there rides a mare? Does your show any of these moods?
  Jul 12, 2013  •  8,735 views
Dark Star  
YES! Dee cracks me up with some of these. She has horrible mood swings, that's why we got her hormone implants. She is 10x better now, and overall just a happier mare. Still tries to kill something every time you touch her girth, but now its usually the wall or trailer instead of me. (She's been slugged up side the nose one too many times to keep trying to bite me) She still flirts with Studly (4yo Rocky Mountain colt) in the stall next to her, and will back up to Zip and Archie all the time, but she isn't a complete witch anymore.
  Jul 12, 2013  •  7,855 views
T E M P E S T  
Haha, very true. Tempest is very much an 'I Hate My Corset' kind of girl.
  Jul 12, 2013  •  7,920 views
Santa Ana Ranch  MOD 
I hate mares.

We have 8 of them.

My Gracie is the diva all the way!
  Jul 12, 2013  •  7,648 views
I'm starting to wonder if my mare is really a mare. She is never moody, she is a little stubborn but that might be the appaloosa talking. She works real well, knows her job and she does it. She is so much easier to work with than my gelding.

I went on a trail ride in Yellowstone National Park and the company had over 100 horses. All were geldings because they said they have found them to be easier to train.
  Jul 13, 2013  •  7,814 views
Great Aticle Polo!!!So funny. I have inspected Sophie's behaviour around Copper and I think she might have some of these mixed up in her..
Twilight Fever,
Wind In My hair,
I hate my corset,
So just wondering, will anything bad or unusual happen with all these moods mixed up? I better hope not:)lol, Love this article.
  Jul 13, 2013  •  7,856 views
Winniefield Park  
Workin' the Streets happens in early spring. The rest of the time it's Drama Queen.
  Jul 23, 2013  •  8,327 views
Haha I remember my mare. She was such a diva! She would reject treats like grapes and watermelon if they were too soft or watery.XD
  Oct 2, 2013  •  6,103 views
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