Sakia's Beginning - A Sakia Short Story
 By Unbridled Sakia   •   16th Jul 2013   •   2,451 views   •   0 comments
Horse Short Story

There was a heavy rain falling around the white and black mare as she stumbles and struggles to get to the shelter of the palace, her brown eyes glowing to show her the way. She could feel the sharp pain in her stomach, a sorts of ripping as she felt the slightest kick against her skin. She then kicked on the door, hoping one of the maids would still be awake and let her into the vast palace. After a moment or two the mare was starting to loose hope when the door opened a crack and an eye peaked out, it was her son, Kindean. The mare breathed a sigh of relief, "Honey? Could you let me in?" Her voice cracks. A sharp pain causes her to stumbles as she tries to step through the door. She gets in and her son helps her to her chamber. She lies down and looks at her son watching her with a questioning look in his eyes. A sigh escapes her lips before she says "Your new brother or sister is coming."

The white colt's ears perk and a happy squeal escapes his lips, "Should I get someone?" he asks rapidly. His medium size body moving side to side nervously.

"No, no, I'll be fine. Just go back to bed." This time her voice was steady and the colt nodded to her before exiting the chamber and walking down the hall silently. The mare sighed again as the pain continues to coarse through her body.

Hours later there was a small filly of ebony color lying on the silk bed, her mother carefully licking her mane and neck. The mare smiles proudly as the foal starts to pull her long, thin legs under her and stand. The little filly only took one try to get up, her little head dished and petite like her mother. The filly stumbles over to her mother's stomach and found the source of milk, suckling happily until she fell asleep at her mother's side.
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