White Ash Part 2 - A Sakia Short Story
 By Unbridled Sakia   •   13th Aug 2013   •   7,389 views   •   0 comments
Horse Short Story

Sakia knew that they would never be able to go back to the forest and that the humans were the reason her home was gone. She was determined to get revenge on whoever destroyed her quaint little woods and turned it into white ash. She swore she would find and burn them, showing them how it felt. Sakia's heart was racing when Goblin nuzzled her. She looks into his dark green eyes and says "I will get revenge; whoever did this will pay the price." Her voice was calm but her eyes showed the fire within her that was burning brighter and brighter.

Goblin nods and replies "I understand, my love. I will help but you must remember we're dealing with humans."

Sakia’s face twists with determination, "Mere humans are no match for us but it would be nice to find help. Perhaps Vegas or Firefox would be willing?" Her voice was hopeful as takes a step away from Goblin, her sleek black coat glowing with patches of white in the darkness.

The black stallion looks at her, not completely convinced with the mare's plan. "I don't trust Vegas but Firefox. She seems understanding. She may help us."

Sakia nods and says "Well, then we best get on our way." Her voice was filled with hope and mule-like stubbornness as she turns to go find the legendary earth horse. She takes off into the smoke darkened sky, Goblin at her side. The mare they were in search of, Firefox, was an earth horse who controlled almost all of the earth. Sakia could feel the rage and adrenaline pounding through her veins, willing her dark magic to break free and destroy the pitiful humans. She didn't want to wait but with Goblin at her side she was able to think more clearly about the task at hand and not as rashly as she normally would have. They had a calming effect on each other that really couldn't be explained.

The mare takes a fleeting glance at Goblin and smirks. It was nice to have him back again but the smirk faded into a frown as she thought, But for how long? These things kept running through her mind making her irritable at best. She almost couldn't even look at Goblin without thinking she would somehow lose him; that he would vanish into thin air as if he were never real, as if he were never there. The charred forest below her made her eyes fill with tears, for all she had ever known was now gone. Where would she live? She would have to move on into someone else's forest. The thought disgusted her; she hated having to rely on others, especially others she didn't know. This not knowing what would happen was beginning to get to Sakia, her racing thoughts began to make her sluggish. She shakes her head to clear it. This tactic is effective and she once again feels as calm as before.
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