The DeeDee Experience and My Return From A Concussion
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The DeeDee Experience and My Return From A Concussion

August 11, 2013 was the day I met my favorite horse in the whole world. The feeling I get when I ride her can't be explained. She has given me hope when I thought it was lost. Everyone said she and I just clicked at the show when I first rode her. She has been an amazing influence on my life and my riding, giving me the confidence I need to accomplish my goals. Her name is DeeDee and I love her to death.

August 17, 2013 was my first lesson on DeeDee. It was absolutely amazing. We worked as one on the pole pattern and ran our hearts out. I've never been one to automatically attach to something, but DeeDee is different. She makes me feel like a girl would when she see's her best friend. Everyone complimented me on how well DeeDee and I worked together and it gave me such a rush.

August 24, 2013 was the day where things started shaking up. I had asked my riding instructor, Kat, if I could ride DeeDee in English. Kat said that would be good because I needed to balance out which discipline I was riding. It was a little rough at first, because I felt bare and empty without my Western saddle.

It was weird not having thick stirrups and a saddle horn to hold on to if I felt like I was going to lose my balance.

DeeDee has one of those trots that are really hard to find the beat to, so you can post, which was my biggest struggle. If I wasn't thinking about it, I could easily post, but the minute I started thinking, I lost my steady beat.

Once I got the hang of DeeDee's trot, Kat set up some jumps and the fun really started to begin. We easily went over the small crossbar. I'm assuming my jumping position was at least decent, because Kat never told me to correct anything. Then Kat added another jump a little ways away from the first jump. I believe this is called a combination, but please correct me if I'm wrong. We did it well the first time, but when we went to do the combination the second time, DeeDee refused the last jump. She didn't stop, just simply went around the jump.

After that point it was all a blur for me. What I'm going to tell you next is from the perspective of the other riders at the barn. Kassidy said after DeeDee refused I accidentally pulled on one of the reins rather quickly and DeeDee bucked. It was dark, everything was black. I felt a pain in my head and my side. The darkness continued for a few more seconds. I opened my eyes, and colors started filling back in. I saw Kassidy's face near mine as she picked me up and carried me to the gate. Again, things went dark for a matter of seconds. The next thing I knew I was in a chair. Kassidy checked me for injuries and said I was clear. DeeDee had a small cut on her tongue from either biting it or having the bit accidentally cut it. We are not exactly sure. Selena, another rider, informed me that I landed straight on my head. Great news, isn't it?

I was crying, of course. Not because I was afraid. There wasn't a chilled bone in my body. I cried because one, I was in pain, and two, I was in complete and utter shock that DeeDee bucked me off. It slightly hurt me that the horse I clicked with had bucked me off. Call me a baby all you'd like, but it broke my heart. I understand that stuff like that is bound to happen, but it was my first fall. Kat told me to gather back up my charisma and then get back on DeeDee. I wasn't going to argue, so as soon as I had calmed my sobbing, I climbed back on DeeDee. Kat only had me walk her. She explained to me several times that this was for me and DeeDee. For me to help me calm myself and if I decided not to continue riding that I would have a better last memory than blacking out from a buck. For DeeDee so she knows she can't just buck off riders.

After a little while of riding, Kat told me that while I was on the ground, DeeDee had moved around, trying not to step on me. I started crying once more. I had been so heart broken when I was bucked off, but while I wasn't even conscious this beautiful creature did her best not to injure me further. My heart swelled with happiness at that news.

August 25, 2013 I sent Kat a text asking her how DeeDee was doing. She said that DeeDee's cut had scabbed over and that she rode her that day during lessons and that she rode like a charm. Kat asked me how I was doing and I told her that my mother took me to an after hours clinic due to the fact that I was still having fairly bad headaches. The doctors confirmed I had a concussion. It wasn't anything major. I would still be able to ride at the next lesson, but I had to take medicine for the headaches.

I really thought hard about this, and normally I'm not a big fan of helmets. I never was, but after that day everything changed. If I hadn't been wearing a helmet, I could have had some serious damage done. When I tell people about my accident their eyes get all big and they start freaking out. The best part of not remembering your fall besides what others have told you, is that you don't have that sense of fear from it. I'm not afraid to get back in the saddle even though I was given a concussion, stiff neck, sore back, and sore side from the fall. Truthfully, I'm looking forward to my future falls. I'm learning from rather amusing videos of the other barn girls falling and understanding the true cause, so hopefully I won't have such a serious fall next time.

The DeeDee Experience and My Return From A Concussion

The DeeDee Experience and My Return From A Concussion

The DeeDee Experience and My Return From A Concussion

The DeeDee Experience and My Return From A Concussion
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