Dogs VS Horses
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Dogs VS Horses

I recently had a day when I was beating myself up for feeling flu-ish and tired and kept thinking, I want my pony! My little dog looked up at me as if to say, ďaren't I good enough, mom?Ē He is after all, a champion snuggle buddy, with a talent for cuddling against you with the pliability of putty. And my horse was a couple of miles away, and rarely is inclined to cuddle anyway. Which got me thinking, which are better, dogs or horses?

-- Neigh! Horses are Better! --

Horses Don't Poop on Your Living-Room Carpet
Horses aren't house animals, although I do know a household (ahem) were a pony was invited into the kitchen. So while you might find an odorous canine indiscretion behind the ottoman, it's unlikely you'll find horse manure anywhere but where it is supposed to be.

Horses Don't Hog Your Bed
On a cold night, it can be handy to have a heat generating critter in your bed (two-legged critters not included). However, it probably won't be a horse. Lots of people share their bed with a dog, and can blame them for poor sleep. It's amazing the space a 20lb Jack Russel Terrier can take up in a king-sized bed. By carefully spreading out as widely as possible, unsheathing its claws, and lying perpendicular to the sides, a fairly small dog can make sure you always sleep no more than 2 inches from the edge of the mattress.

Horses Won't Steal Your Bacon and Eggs from the Breakfast Table
Horses don't really enjoy many of the same things that humans like to eat. Sure, apples, carrots, bananas and a few other treats might be something to share. However, no horse will hover near the breakfast table, strings of drool hanging from its lips, waiting for you to turn your head for a moment so it can sneak in and steal your perfectly crisped bacon.

Horses Don't Mind Carrying a Bit in Their Mouth
Bits make communicating with horses easier. However, we can't use this form of communication with a dog. Dog's dentition makes it almost impossible to carry a bit. I speak from (long ago) experience here.

-- Yay For Dogs! --

Dogs are Better Guardians
While some horses recognize vehicles and come running up to the fence to greet the people, they're not likely to pay much attention to those they don't know. In fact, while you're ransacking the barn, would you mind carting that sack of sweet feed this way?

Dogs are Better Foot Warmers
Perhaps there's a bit of an underlying theme here... companion animals as convenient warmers. However, while your dog probably won't mind you tucking your cold feet against its warm belly, it's not really convenient to warm your feet on your horse. Hands yes, and many a winter ride has ended with hands inserted under a horse's mane to thaw them out. But feet? That's a bit of a contortion trick, and it's not wise to be sock or bare foot around a horse anyway.

Dogs Can Safely Sit on Your Furniture or Lap
There's something endearing about having your 110lb Rottweiler try to curl up on your lap. And, it may be successful, at least until your legs fall asleep. But if your horse tries to sit on your lap? Your legs will probably be asleep, and broken.

Of course, there's no real answer to the question, which is better. They serve different purposes. We love them for different reasons. Bring cats into the equation though and dogs and horses are better than cats any day. What do you think?

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