Five Horse Fiction Novels I Love
 By Winniefield Park   •   28th Oct 2013   •   2,078 views   •   5 comments
Five Horse Fiction Novels I Love

I've mentioned it before: I am a bookworm. And, if the books involve horses so much the better. I'm a little picky though and like my fictional horses to be horsesónot big dogs, or talking cartoons. So, here are my top five favorite horse books, starting with one I read as a very little person, up to now, when I am not so very little anymore.

Slim Evans and His Horse Lightning
This book was written in 1934 by Graham M. Dean, who wrote youth mystery novels. Slim Evans is a cowboy detective who receives a secret letter asking him to help find some cattle rustling bandits plaguing a small frontier town. As he and Lightning are traveling to the town, they hear gunshots, and see another cow poke scrambling across the rocks. Slim shoots at the cowboy's pursuers, winging one in the elbow. However, as Slim and the cowboy get away, the bandits steal Lightning. As it turns out, Chuck, who was scrambling across the rocks with the bandits in hot pursuit, has also received the secret letter. They share socks, become friends and vow to find the cattle rustlers and regain Slim's beloved horse Lightning.

Black Beauty
One exception to my 'no talking horses' book rule is Black Beauty. Written by Anna Sewell and published in 1877 it became an instant success, and has remained popular ever since. The story follows the life of Black Beauty, from his birth in the stables of a wealthy country squire, to his life as an over-worked London cab horse. Along the way, Black Beauty meets many people and horses, all who are examples of the results of kindness or cruelty. From Joe, who injures Beauty by accident but grows to learn from his mistakes, to Ginger, who ultimately dies because of the cruelty she can no longer endure, the characters speak of Sewell's love of animals, and concern for their protection.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse
I love anything by Marguerite Henry, and the original books are illustrated beautifully by Wesley Dennis. The stories of Justine Morgan's horse's racing speed and pulling strength become legendary, and local farmers are eager to bring their mares in hopes of producing foals with the same qualities. The little horse becomes the father of one of America's favorite horse breeds: The Morgan Horse.

The Black Stallion
Alec Ramsey first meets The Black Stallion on a voyage across the Red Sea. They meet again when the horse saves him from the sinking ship and both become castaways on a desert island. Alec and the stallion form an unlikely partnership, and the horse becomes his when they are finally rescued and Alec is returned home. With the help of a wiley horse trainer, Alec and The Black Stallion face formidable opponents and challenges on and off the race track. This book is the first of many written by Walter Farley about The Black Stallion and his many offspring.

Horseplay by Judy Reene Singer is a much more grown-up book than the others, and one I discovered quite recently. This book truly made me LOL. The author captured the various quirky personalities of the horse world perfectly, from the divas and gurus, to the wannabes and weirdos. This is adult fiction, so reader beware.

What's your favorite horse novel?
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Valkyrie   MOD 
I liked Black Beauty, the Thoroughbred series, the Saddle Club series, and the Pony Pals series :P
  Oct 29, 2013  •  2,890 views
SunDancer and the Scorpio Races are my favorite books, horse or no.
  Oct 29, 2013  •  2,596 views
Beeswax Crusade  
I read some of the Black Stallion novels before I kind of got out of horse fiction. They were great!
  Oct 29, 2013  •  2,539 views
Cruisin Past Curfew  
I have a book called "Catch Rider." I haven't read it yet but that's another horsey book.
  Nov 3, 2013  •  2,785 views
I really like the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch series by Jane Smiley. Sure, the character development may not be Nobel-Prize-Winning, but the story is good, the horses are realistic and believable, and they are good, lightweight stories to read when you can't actually be at the barn.
  Nov 5, 2013  •  2,680 views
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