Horse Poem by Ponybox Member Copper711
 By Copper711   •   18th Nov 2013   •   2,179 views   •   0 comments
Horses Poem by Ponybox Member Copper711

There is one animal is this soulful world,
That gives us humans something that most animals cant,
Something that you can put a price to,
Something that will stay in our small hearts forever,
Something that gives us humans the courage to do things we wouldn't normally do,
Something that will forever be, your best memory.

This animal gives us human’s freedom,
Freedom in which we dream of everyday,
Only some people get a chance to live this freedom,
Some more than others.

Some people take this animal for granted,
Some are just happy to own one or be with one,
Some people are cruel to this animal,
Giving it hell when it doesn't deserve it,
But there are some people in this world of ours,
Some that will care for this animal and share their hearts with his,
They groom him every day,
They ride him every day,
They feed him morning and night, with a simple rule ‘The horses are feed before us,’
They spend time with him to share secrets,
Secrets he will never tell.

Some people say ‘Dogs man’s Best Friend’,
But the real truth is ‘Horse is Man’s Best Friend’.

There is one animal that you can put a name to all of this,
A special name that will be forever remembered,
That name is a HORSE!

Image Credit: © Branislav Ostojic |
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