How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Horse
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How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Horse

You've begged and begged, you've kept your grades up, and volunteered at a local riding for the disabled program. You've done all your chores including walking and feeding the dog twice a day. You've even been nice to your brother or sister. But still, your parents won't let you get a horse.

Usually, despite all your good behavior and hard work, the real reason your parents won't let you have a horse is the cost. Horses can be expensive to buy, and no matter if you get a free horse or a $40,000 horse, they can be costly to keep. Here's a look at the cost of keeping a horse. These costs are based on owning an average 1000lb horse, with no extra upkeep expenses like ongoing health or soundness problems. There are also no equipment costs, like saddles, bridles and blankets.

Hay - $2 a day
If you don't have adequate year-round pasture, your horse will need hay. The price of hay varies greatly depending on where you live. You may be able to buy small square bales off the field for as little as $2 a bale. In many places, it's much more. Your horse will probably need about a half a bale a day. So, a very rough average means hay will cost $2 a day.

Minerals and Salt - $0.22 a day
A six month supply of loose mineral supplement and salt will cost about $40.

Concentrates - $1.00 a day
Your horse may need a balancing ration or extra energy and nutrition because of its age or work load. The cost of feeds varies, so using $15 as an average for 50lb, and feeding about 3lbs a day works out to a little less than a dollar per day.

Farrier - $0.83 day
Your horse will need its hooves trimmed once every six weeks. A trim can cost $25 and up. Using $35 as an average, a horse's feet will need eighty three cents worth of care every day.

De-worming Paste - $0.33 per day
Your horse will need to be de-wormed at least every three months. A tube of de-womer costs anywhere from $10 to $20. So, if you buy the more expensive stuff, your de-wormer will cost about $0.33 per day.

Dentistry - $0.35 per day
Horses need their teeth looked after at least once a year. Having a professional float a horse's teeth costs about $125 or $0.35 per day.

Vaccinations - $0.27 per day
To have your horse vaccinated, you must pay the vet a call fee, and pay for the vaccinations themselves. This will cost about $95.00 or $0.27 per day for core vaccinations of rabies, tetanus, equine influenza, and other routine vaccines.

The Grand Total
Minimum cost per day to keep one horse is $5.00 per day or $1825 per year.

What these basic costs don't estimate are unexpected expenses or things you'll need beyond the basics like more food to keep a hard keeper, unforeseen vet bills, weather that ruins pasture or hay crops and drives the prices up, vaccines that you may need beyond the core like West Nile Virus or Potomac Horse Fever, a horse that requires shoes, or more frequent dental work.

If you plan to do anything other than look at your horse, you'll need a saddle, bridle, bit, pad or blanket, and gear for yourself such as boots and a helmet. If you plan to compete, you may need a variety of different types of tack and clothing, entry fees, Coggins or ELSA tests, truck and trailer and passports and memberships to various clubs and organizations.

How much do you think you spend, per day, on your horse?
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Dragonfly Farm  
Heres what I paid for the horse I owned last year:

Agistment - $120 per week / $20 per day

Mineral Block/Seaweed mix - $50 for 5kg.
Lasts 3-5months.

Farrier - $100 every 7 weeks.

Dentist - $180 per year

Worming - $14 every 6 weeks

Vaccinations - $100

Fuel - I think it worked out to be about $30 per week used just for travelling to and from y horses yard.

I'm not sure what it all adds up to per year, but as you can see prices vary greatly.
I know a girl who has to pay almost DOUBLE of everything I've listed above due to the area that she lives in!
  Nov 23, 2013  •  5,849 views
Prarie Rose  
Horses are very expensive, but my Jazz is definitely worth the price to me. :) I was fortunate to get my horse for free,but that wouldn't have been even half of his cost. but this is what it costs me per year to keep him.

I board Jazz at a stable which includes hay, grain, water, and someone to pick his stall. That is $240 a month. $250 in the summer to help with electric expenses if I keep a fan by his stall, which I do. If you own enough land to keep your horse your expenses may be cheaper in this area. It is cheaper for me to board Jazz then to buy some property. Every American state has a law that determines how many acres you need to own a horse. My state requires 2 acres for the first horse and then another 1/2 acre per any extra horse.

Vaccines: About $60 a year for the basic vaccines. I do not show Jazz and he has been quite healthy, so that is less vet bills for me. :)

Farrier: My farrier charges me $75 for a trim and reset of Jazz's shoes, $85 when I need new shoes.
  60 days ago  •  5,524 views
I go to shows often, they can cost around 20/25 euros a time, not including fuel to get there. I also pay livery fees, which is 40 euros per horse, per week, and we pay for five horses, however Minty's loaner pays half of Minty's fees. I also get my horses regular vet inspections, which varies in cost depending on what I ask to be checked.
  59 days ago  •  5,379 views
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