Finding My Dream Horse
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Finding My Dream HorseAfter purchasing Penny, I realized that I would be getting no where with her. It was a constant battle for dominance and I was losing the joy I found in horses. I didn't have the time or experience to keep fighting her. Finally, I broke Mom down and got her looking in the horse market for a horse that would fit my needs and take me places. I was looking at the younger horses while Mom was looking at middle aged horses. We fell in love with a few, but none worked out. I started to lose hope in finding the one.

My mom had informed her friend, Shellie, that we were searching for a horse that suited me. She had a long list of horses that I could choose from in a short amount of time. I had my mind set that I wanted this little paint mare. She had good looks and sounded sweet. When the day came to go test ride the horses, only three were at Shellie's place. They all belonged to her and only one was for sale. She was a young prospect mare named Shooter. She had a sweet face, and I liked her from the ground.

Before I got to ride Shooter, we took the trailer to pick up the other horse we were going to test ride. We pulled up to these massive barns, it was filled with at least 100 horses. We were led into a barn and through a long isle. The man stopped us in front of this gorgeous gelding. The moment we saw him everyone's jaw dropped. That gelding was indeed, AJ. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. We loaded him in the trailer, and took him back to Shellie's place. While AJ's owner was warming him up, I rode Shooter. In my opinion, she was rather rough to ride. When I was done, Mom rode her. She wasn't too impressed either. When I rode AJ, I was a little frustrated because his cues were different than the ones I was used to using on horses. I didn't like the fact that I had to use spurs and he was a bit difficult to neck rein. Deciding I didn't like him either, I got off. Mom and Shellie wouldn't leave me alone about how he was what I needed. I gave up and gave in. On the three hour drive back home, Mom still dogged me about the situation. I got to the point where I started doubting my opinion and fell in love with AJ again.

That next weekend, we went out to try AJ again. Mom had stopped by the neighbor's house (who is a good friend of ours) to pick up their trailer. I was a bit confused, and when I asked Mom why we were getting the trailer, she informed me we would be taking AJ home. I couldn't contain my excitement and ended up screaming in the car. We had a few car troubles on the way to Shellie's, but finally got there. We drove over to AJ's barn and rode in their arena. I got some tips from AJ's owner on how to ride him properly, and found myself really enjoying myself. We loaded AJ in the trailer and took him to my new part time trainer. She gave me a lesson and some amazing pointers that would hold me off until the next time I got to see her.

Finding My Dream Horse

At around 8 o'clock that night, we finally loaded AJ and headed home. It took a while to kick in that I finally had a horse to call my own and that I could learn and grow with. When we got home, I got AJ out of the trailer, while Mom separated off an area for AJ so Penny would leave him alone. He was a bit frightened, because he was in a new area at night where he couldn't see things well. The next day, I went to see him and he seemed to have settled in well. He was wanting to go back to Texas though. He was pushing on the gate when he saw us drive up with the trailer to take back to the neighbors. Shellie said it was because he was afraid of the Indians. The day after that, I can home from school early, so I could ride him. He did wonderful! We walked around for a bit to loosen him up, then went into a nice smooth trot. I wasn't quite comfortable cantering him, because it was a smaller area and it was grassy, not an arena.

Though he has his quirks, I am so grateful for the chance to have such an amazing horse. He is indeed exactly what I need. He's a confidence booster and at the same time, something I can grow with and teach different things. I am excited to see what the future holds for us and what different paths he'll take me down. It's been a long time coming, but I've finally found my dream horse. The horse that I've been dreaming of my whole life.
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Indeed he is a wonderful horse. So glad you got him! :D :D :D :D :D
  Dec 2, 2013  •  3,047 views
Congrats! Cant wait till I can get a horse! :D
  Dec 23, 2013  •  2,747 views
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