Keeping Your Whites White and Your Brights Bright
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Keeping Your Whites White and Your Brights Bright

Winter can present some challenges when it comes to keeping your horse groomed. If you've got a grey, palomino, cremello or pinto or any other white or pale colored horse, you might not recognize your horse until spring, because manure stains, mud and other grime can turn your horse into a horse of a different color. You can't bathe your horse, because of the cold and no matter how much elbow grease you apply, it's hard to get rid of the 'yellows'. Grooming isn't just about how your horse looks. Grooming in winter is also a good time to check for cool and damp weather problems like lice, rain rot, ringworm and scratches.

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One thing that has taken me a long time to learn is; it's really important to look after the little chores that take only a few minutes right away. That way, they don't grow into big, ugly tasks that no one wants to do. Grooming falls into the 'little chore' category that should be done frequently, even if you only spend a few minutes tackling the worst tangles and stains. Leaving manure stains to build will turn your horse an unattractive dull color, as well as allowing the hair coat to become matted and icky. If the hair does become matted, and this isn't unusual on neglected horses, it makes a great breeding ground for lice and other skin problems. Likewise, lice like to live where it's warm and dark under winter rugs.

Taking Care of Your Whites and Brights
There are a few things that will help your horse look its best throughout the winter.

Elbow Grease
Frequent applications of elbow grease is often all that's needed. Spend a few minutes brushing away the worst of the grime and smooth out your horse's mane and tail. Don't forget about cleaning your horse's hooves as well.

Baby Wipes to the Rescue
Baby wipes are very handy in the barn. Use them to wipe off surface dirt. They're good for quick tack clean-ups too.

Grooming Sprays
Grooming Sprays are great and my favorite is Miracle Groom, while others swear by Cowboy Magic. Sprays can help slide dirt off of your horse's coat and may help prevent new dirt from sticking on. Spray on the solution, work it in with a soft brush, and wipe it out with a towel. You'll be surprised how much dirt you'll see on the towel. Be sure not to use grooming sprays over the saddle area, because they can make your horse's coat slippery.

Spot Washing
If your horse is particularly stained or dirty in one area, you can spot wash using some warm water, livestock shampoo and towels. Wet the area, work in some soapy water and towel it all out. Towel dry the area thoroughly.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum and So Might Your Horse
The first time I saw a livestock vacuum I was amazed. Your horse might feel something other than amazement, although they do try to make these vacuums as quiet as possible. But, once you desensitize your horse, a quick vacuuming is a good way to pull up grit, hair and dander to keep your horse's coat clean.

Of course, blanketing in winter or any time tends to be controversial. But, there's no question that when my horse is blanketed, she stays much cleaner. Again, check what's going on under that blanket frequently, because some pretty nasty stuff can develop under there.

What are your tips for keeping your horse clean in winter?
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I have also used a livestock blow dryer to blow the dirt of my horse.
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