Secrets for Making Perfect Manes and Tails Every Time
 By Slipknot Sport   •   22nd Dec 2009   •   2,663 views   •   5 comments
Some things that you should know and realize before you start a photo manipulation or graphic:

1. It is not going to happen overnight, you need to work hard and practice making them.

2. I use Photoshop Elements 2.0 so if you use another program, the same thing may not imply to you.

3. You do not need fancy brushes at all

4. You may not get it right away but that's ok! Keep trying and you will learn from your mistakes.

5. Practice makes perfect, although I have come to realize that as an artist you may never find your own artwork 'perfect'. You can always find room for improvement somewhere.

Now with all of that stuff out of the way It is time to tell you what I do to make my manes and tails look real. There are many ways of doing this, but this has proven to be the easiest way for me. If you know an easier way to do it, then go for it! This is just a guide to point people in the right direction.

This is probably one on the most important things to do while making a graphic:
*make a new layer before you start the new mane and tail!* This allows you to trash it and easily start over if you don't like the way it's going.

Now for the fun part:

1. Get rid of the original mane/tail or at least most of it.

2. Zoom in very closely, so that the mane/tail is all you see on the screen.

3. Use a normal, plain old regular brush, about 3 pixels in size.

4. Change the Opacity from 100% to a weaker setting, between 50% and 90%

5. Open the original image of the horse for a reference, keeping in mind the lighting, size, texture, and flow as you work.

6. The eyedropper tool will become your best friend! It is there, so use it!

7. Select the eyedropper tool and select a middle tone colour from the original image mane/tail.

8. Use that as a base coat, to get the shape and coloring started over the background.

9. Select a lighter colour (eyedropper tool). Change the brush size to 1 pixel and make single strokes above the base layer, in the direction you want the mane/tail to be. You should still be able to see some of the base colour through the new colour.

10. Select a darker colour (eyedropper tool), and do the same thing as step #9.

11. Now it's time to use the smudge tool. Select it, and make the size of it 1-4 pixels in size, with a strength being between 10% and 40%.

12. In the same direction as the previous 2 colours are, go over the mane/tail. You do not have to cover the whole part of it! Just do what feels right.

13. Now, repeat steps 8-12 for as long as it takes you to be happy with it. Remember that you can look at the original image to see what it looked like before and use it as a guide for your re-creation of it.

14. Improvising is fun! You don't have to go by what the original looked like at all. Sometimes it's fun to make your own up!

15. Have fun!

So, I hope this helps you with your artwork and you can put it to good use. Good luck and have fun!

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Slipknot Sport  
If anyone has any questions about this or other things you can post here and i will get back to you ASAP, thanks!
  Dec 22, 2009  •  1,527 views
What is this for? I understand gaphics, but how do you start? Hope you can answer this. You can message me or post back in this topic.
  Dec 22, 2009  •  1,442 views
Hopeful Haven  
Hey! I remember you posted this on Pegasus! Dreamer...I guess you just make the original graphic...then when your ready to do the mane and follow this :)
  Dec 22, 2009  •  1,455 views
Slipknot Sport  
Dreamer100: sure. do you mean how do you start a graphic?
  Dec 22, 2009  •  1,527 views
Slipknot Sport  
Hopeful Haven: yes, i posted this a while on Peggy to help people out and figured that a lot more people can see it if i post it here, so here it is lol
  Dec 22, 2009  •  1,527 views
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