15 Things I Have Learned From Being an Equestrian
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15 Things I Have Learned From Being an Equestrian

I have been around horses and horse people for quite some time, and have decided to share some observations I've had made. Here are the top 15 things I have learned from being an equestrian.

1.  The five minutes before you enter the ring is when your horse is most likely to slobber on you. Just after you put on that brand new white shirt is a close second.
2.  I'm can sleep anywhere, anytime. We do need sleep to function contrary to popular belief, but equestrians can function off 10 minutes just as well as 10 hours
3.  When around horses and someone yells "loose horse", it doesn't matter if you see the horse or not. You initial reaction is to start yelling as loud as you can.
4.  Don't get in the way of the almost-to-the-top-but-not-quite equestrians. They will mow you down like a summer daisy.
5.  Your barn friends are more like your crazy over the top family than merely "friends".
6.  Don't ever say, "I know" to a trainer or coach unless you want to do a ton of push-ups. "OK" and "sounds good" are both good alternatives.
7.  Nurture the younger equestrians at the barn. They are the next generation that will keep our sport going strong. We need them as much as they need us. Don't be patronizing, be helpful. Teach them what they need to be taught, but also let them learn on their own.
8.  Bras are some of the best pockets, for everything except horse treats.
9.  The drafts are big sweeties; it’s the ponies you have to watch out for.
10.  It's absolutely essential to carry horse treats everywhere! Never leave home without them.
11.  It's totally fine to go in public in your barn clothes no matter how may people are staring at you.
12.  The best stories begin with "So, I was riding this pony and...."
13.  When entering the warm up ring dive in and hope for the best.
14.  Always love what you do, and especially love the animal
15.  At the end of the day, appreciate your horse, pat them on the neck, spend that little bit of extra time with them, and in return they will be the best they can be.
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Dark Star  
To add to number 13, when in the warm up pen, pay more attention to the people around you than to your horse. You horse is more likely to have a bigger brain and more common sense than the riders around you.

^^Mostly for the smaller shows and 4H ESPECIALLY. Crazy kids who run their poor ponies to death are the worst, then the big boys who think they are god's gift to women racing on their horses to prove who is better. Gotta love those too.

Great list, I really laughed at number 12 because it is very very true. My best story I can tell starts with, "So I was riding this pony ..."
  Jan 28, 2014  •  2,220 views
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