What's With My Little Pony?
 By Winniefield Park   •   15th Feb 2014   •   4,554 views   •   1 comments
What's With My Little Pony

I have several news feeds that I watch and one subject that consistently appears on the one I have set up for the search word 'pony' is 'My Little Pony'. I remember a My Little Pony toy my daughter had when she was little. It was pink with sparkly mane and my daughter quickly rejected it because it looked only vaguely like a real pony. Actually, we thought it looked more like a hippopotamus. But, apparently, we are alone in our disdain for these things. Now, almost twenty years later, My Little Pony seems to be more popular than ever.

Just in case you don't know what a My Little Pony is, here's a little background. My Little Ponies are toys that were first introduced back in the early 1980s. They look somewhat like a pony, are cutely colored with curly, sparkley or multi-hued manes and big painted on eyelashes. They have what's called a 'cutie mark' imprinted on their flanks like a brand, and these marks indicate the personality or unique quality of the pony.

It wasn't long before there was a My Little Pony movie, TV series, and you could decorate your whole home in My Little Pony decor. Since those first plastic ponies set hoof in little girl's bedrooms, there have been several movies, books and there have been several generations of ponies and several offshoots and imitators, like Cabbage Patch Ponies and Fantasy Fillies.

However, the appeal has gone beyond the original target market. Bronies are guys who like My Little Pony and even groups of college kids are taking a break from Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto to get together and watch the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Video: More than 8,000 fans of My Little Pony (aka "Bronies") packed into the Baltimore Convention Center for BronyCon.

Fans take their fandom seriously and in addition to 'bronie', have a language all their own. In fact, one fansite has an extensive glossary and defines such words as brohoof, neighsayer, and Cutecaeñera. And of course there are anti-ponies. There are websites, forums, Facebook pages populated by My Little Pony fans. It is according to some, one of the largest fandoms online.

These toys have become collectors items. Collectors look for rare ponies. Artists repaint the ponies, sew in new manes and redraw eyes and cutie marks to customize them. Wings, unicorn horns and other accessories such as rhinestones and sequins can be added. A quick look at eBay shows that if you want to collect these toys, it's quite an affordable pastime. A few items are being sold for over $1000, but most appear to be priced under $10. Those regarded as vintage seem to command the highest prices.

What's With My Little Pony

I don't think I'd trade my real pony for a My Little Pony any time soon. There's a good chance that pink pony-like object stashed away in my basement somewhere is a first-generation issue, so maybe I'll see what I can get for it on eBay. And, as everyponies say, love and tolerate. I don't want to be an anti-pony.
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Know this is old but I defiantly prefer the old My Little Pony. I think that the new one's have spoiled it for me.
  Mar 9, 2014  •  4,970 views
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I have several news feeds that I watch and one subject that consistently appears on the one I have set up for the search word 'pony' is 'My Little Pony'. I remember a My Little Pony toy my daughter had when she was little. It was ...
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