Windsor Castle Horse Groom Job Open Now
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Canadian Parliament Considers Law to Limit Horse Slaughter

I hope that HRH’s birthday wasn’t too marred by the fact that she needs a new groom for her stables at Windsor. The job listing for the position is open until May 2nd, which means there’s still a few days left for you to apply. A description of the duties and requirements as well as an online application for the job is available on The Official Website of the British Monarchy.

The location of the job will be at the Royal Mews at Windsor Castle. The Royal Mews at Windsor Castle is where the Queen keeps her riding horses and ponies. The Queen is a frequent visitor there, so in addition to the riding and management skills required, a suitable applicant must also know how to bow or curtsy at the right time, and remember all the formalities and etiquette needed to interact with the Queen. It’s probably not a great idea to call her Betty, Bess or Liz or burp in her presence.

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For your application to be considered, you must be able to legally work in the UK. Your application will also be dismissed if you do not have all the skills listed on the job description. The Queen wants what she wants.

The starting salary for the job is £20,000 GBP. That’s about $33,582 USD or $37,000 CDN. You’ll be working a forty-eight-hour week, although there is some flexibility around actual work hours.

As a groom in her majesty's stables, your principal duties include all aspects of horse, pony and tack care. You must be an experienced capable rider as it will be part of your job to exercise HRH’s horses daily. You will be assisting with the training of young ponies, and you will help keep all tack and equipment in queen-worthy condition. You will also help with the routine cleanliness of the Royal Mews, a job that, like any other stable involves a manure fork and wheelbarrow. Probably, a royal wheelbarrow though, somewhat like the gold gilded state carriage, but with only one wheel.

Your superior will be the Stud Groom, and you will be working with several other grooms, so you must be a team player, able to take instruction, as well as “possess a flexible, proactive and productive attitude to work”. Usually, in a stable, that means when a horse poops, no one should have to tell you to clean it up. And you should, “...ideally, possess a recognised equine qualification(s) (e.g. BHS, BDS, NVQ, Equine Diploma or equivalent).” This may be where your parent’s endless hours of driving you back and forth to Pony Club could pay off.

You won’t be expected to solve any problems though. That’s the job of the Stud Groom and Manager. You also won’t have any policy-making authority. So if you think a horse is too fat, you can’t take matters into your own hands and put it on a diet. That’s the decision of the Stud Groom.

Canadian Parliament Considers Law to Limit Horse Slaughter
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