A New Flame - Chapter Ten - The End of the Beginning
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A New Flame

“I’m sorry, Liam,” Jane mumbled as she reached the house.

Liam stood from the porch swing and without stopping, he walked up to his little sister and drew her into a hug. As Jane’s body hit his, she wrapped her thin arms around his neck and squeezed him back. “I’m just glad you’re okay.” Liam whispered into her ear.

Elijah watched silently as Liam released her and glanced in his direction.

“You’ve won him over,” Liam said to Elijah. “When I told my father that you went after Jane last night and you went looking for her this morning when she disappeared, he said he knew you would. He trusts you, Elijah. And he can’t thank you enough.”

Jane’s heart skipped a beat. Nothing meant more to her than hearing that her father trusted Elijah. She couldn’t have asked for anything more from him.

“I don’t have to tell you to treat my sister right. I know you will.” Liam added before turning away and heading inside. When the screen door closed behind him, Jane couldn’t contain her happiness. She turned into Elijah’s chest and hugged him.

“I love you,” she said.

Elijah looked down at Jane in surprise. He read the sweetness and sincerity on her beautiful face and he knew she meant what she said. “I love you too, Jane.”

Elijah walked across the kitchen slowly, a full coffee mug in each hand. The sun was just beginning to crest the trees. It shined through the large, bay windows and poured into Elijah’s kitchen. He returned to Jane and handed her a steaming mug. She hesitated, looking down at the mug and then back up at Elijah.

“It’s hot chocolate.” He said with a smile. “I remember you telling me once that you hate coffee.”

Jane bit the corner of her lip and smiled, taking the mug with care. “Thank you,” she said softly, lifting it to her mouth and taking a small sip.

Elijah sat down on the couch beside her and took a sip. He felt Jane sigh and set the mug down on the coffee table in front of them. She turned to him and her sleepy blue eyes met his. Her wild blonde curls were a mess, but yet completely perfect at the same time. A few stray hairs framed her sweet, freckled face as she stared up at him.

“Doesn’t it always seem like when one thing ends, another begins?” Jane asked, breaking the silence.

“This isn’t the end, Jane.” Elijah replied gently, “I know it feels like you’re shutting a door, but it’s not the end. And it’s not the beginning of the end. This is just the end of the beginning.”

The End

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