Forums Launches Equestrian Box Service [Video]
 By PonyBox   •   28th Oct 2014   •   7,771 views   •   32 comments recently launched a new subscription box service for horse lovers. Each month you receive a secret bundle of equestrian products delivered right to your door! The box service contains name brand products such as Absorbine, Banixx, Cowgirl Dirt, Bridle Bling, and more. There is something cool about receiving a secret package of equestrian bling each month.

AHorseBoxWin a Free Sample Shipment from is giving away a free Sample December Shipment of their monthly service to a PonyBox member that resides in the mainland US. To qualify just leave a comment to this article below. We will notify and post the winner on November 30th! Oh yeah :)

30NOV2014 Update: Congratulations PonyBox member ROXXY, you were selected as the AHorseBox giveaway winner! recently delivered PonyBox a sample of their October 2014 kit. We shot a video of myself opening the box of goodies. I must admit, I was quite impressed with the weight and brand names of the products. Just the Banixx alone is quite a pricey purchase. It's definitely exciting to receive a monthly equestrian related surprise and a good opportunity to evaluate products you might never have purchased on your own. Please excuse the peanut gallery, our daughter Kara was screaming for attention, especially since we used her iPad to shoot the video. Launches Equestrian Box Service

At the time of this video, pricing is $17 month + $5 shipping for a six month subscription. Currently available to U.S. Residents only.
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DejaVu  MOD 
Guess I'll be the winner since no one is posting... ;)
  43 days ago  •  7,138 views
Mini Trails Equine  
This is an awesome idea. Have seen this done with other products but never have been interested due to no horsey stuff!
  43 days ago  •  7,135 views
Equide Designs  
This looks awesome!
  43 days ago  •  7,131 views
Fox Crest Stables  
Totally putting my name in! I'm always interested in new things!
  43 days ago  •  7,126 views
Briseno TBs  
-sigh- the times I wish I was an American...oh well good luck to the rest of you ponyboxers xD
  43 days ago  •  7,121 views
Malade Internationella  
This really cool!
  43 days ago  •  7,117 views
Suffolk Rose Stables  
Very cool!!!
  42 days ago  •  7,043 views
BMC General Store  
Me please!! :)

How cool! Im going to sign up right now!!
  40 days ago  •  6,978 views
Lucky Star Stables  
I love this!
  39 days ago  •  6,967 views
Strawberry Kiwi Equine  
I would love to win this! :)
  36 days ago  •  6,890 views
Blazin Barrel Ranch  
Wow, this is pretty neat! Definitely good for people who can't always afford to spoil and pamper their horse! Plus it's a great way to see new products and how they work :)
  36 days ago  •  6,887 views
Nightmare Anatomy Stables  
I'd love this :D
  36 days ago  •  6,881 views
Southern Haven Equines  
I would love this. Totally entering. (:
  33 days ago  •  6,805 views
C e n t u r y P r i d e  
This looks awesome, count me in :)
  11 days ago  •  6,523 views
Raising Kahne Ranch  
First time I've heard of anything like this, great idea. :)
  11 days ago  •  6,513 views
Decorous Equus I  
I hope I win.
  11 days ago  •  6,504 views
I want one these are soooo cool lol
  11 days ago  •  6,491 views
MissT Equestrian  
This sounds similar to the old Pony Book Club boxes, but with supplies for real horses. How awesome is that!
  11 days ago  •  6,486 views
Echo Valley  
First BarkBox, now this. This is totally a cool idea!
  11 days ago  •  6,476 views
Being Solddd  
Count me in, please! (:
  11 days ago  •  6,475 views
Would love to win this. I like trying new things!
  11 days ago  •  6,472 views
Looks so cool!
  11 days ago  •  6,470 views
Sea Dawn III  
i love this!
  11 days ago  •  6,466 views
Ruby Creek Ranch  
ok I like it I hope I win this stiff
  11 days ago  •  6,461 views
Deztanis IRSH Ranch  
I think this is so neat! I would love to come home and find a secret package full of stuff for my horse!
  11 days ago  •  2,343 views
DH Performance  
How fun, I hope I win!!
  11 days ago  •  2,339 views
AshesToOnyx Equestrian  
Wow this is awesome!
  11 days ago  •  2,338 views
Silver Bullet Ranch III  
That looks sweet! I honestly might end up subscribing even if I don't win...
  11 days ago  •  2,338 views
Star Studded Ranch  
Ohhh this is so cool!
  11 days ago  •  2,338 views
Whooo hoo good luck to everyone! ^.^
  10 days ago  •  2,338 views
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