A Horse Lovers Letter to Santa
 By Winniefield Park   •   23rd Nov 2014   •   1,625 views   •   0 comments
A Horse Lovers Letter to Santa

I donít watch television, and I refuse to read the circulars that land at the end of the driveway. I avoid stores, feed and tack shop notwithstanding, and rarely listen to the radio. But, I canít help but be aware that Christmas is coming. So, Iíve decided to get my list of what Iíd like to get under the tree in early this year.

Dear Santa,
Iíve been exceptionally good this year. Iíve been very patient with some difficult people, made my bed every morning, and have only had one overdue library book all year. So, please, this is what Iíd like you to bring me this year.

My horse could use a new winter blanket. The one I bought her last year is still fine, but itís looking faded and worn. Itís handy too, if it gets wet, to have an extra.

A mule. A spotted mule, over 15.3 hh, well broke would be wonderful. I will need, of course, a mule saddle to fit it, and a really nice bridle. I prefer good quality leather. Used is fine.

An aluminum trailer. I sold my metal trailer last summer, because both my horse and I disliked it. Weíd like something lighter, airier and brighter. A small tack room in the front would be appreciated. And, if you think my truck is getting too old to haul a horse and trailer, a new truck to go in front would be handy. A Silverado please. Iíll let you choose the color, as I donít like to be too picky or demanding.

A bit of real pasture would be nice to find under the tree this year. About 150 acres will do. I donít mind if I have to stand out in the cold to unwrap and see this gift, and you donít need to put a bow on it. Just the deed in a brown paper envelope will be fine. If there could be about 50 acres seeded in grass hay that would be grand. And if a good farmer with all the hay equipment lived next door, so much the better. I know 150 acres is a tall order. So even 100 acres, give or take, will do.

I know you donít want me or my horse and mule to be cold and sleep under the stars on my 150 acres, so a snug stable would be very useful. Four stalls should keep me out of trouble, with a heated tack room and wash rack. I know youíre as concerned about the environment as I am, with the North Pole melting away and all, so Iíd like to keep things off grid - solar and wind powered, with composting bins for the manure and a greywater system.

It will be easy to set up the bungalow Iíll need with the power and greywater systems in place already. Just add composting toilets, a wood burning cook stove, trophy room (my mule and I will need this), bedroom with a picture window overlooking my pastures and cozy library lined with horse books.

And to help me care for all this, Iíll need a minion or two. Theyíll be unemployed after the movie furor dies down. And, Iíd hate to see a minion out on the street. This would be more of a gift for the minion than me. Iíd promise to look after it well.

As I said Santa, Iíve been extra good this year. If you donít think so, thatís fine. I like what I have already. But if thereís even one thing on this list you think I deserve, Iíd be grateful

Love, S
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