Reasons Not To Install A Pipe Horse Fence
 By Winniefield Park   •   28th Nov 2014   •   6,650 views   •   3 comments
Reasons Not To Install Pipe Horse Fencing

I recently came across an ad for a beautiful horse farm. The buildings were elegant, the grounds perfectly manicured, surrounded by white fence. Looking closer, I saw the advertiser was promoting the fencing. Yes, miles of white painted pipe fencing. Where I live, pipe fencing is unheard of. But, I understand that in many places it is common. No doubt there are some benefits to using pipe fencing. It looks tidy, and can be long lasting. It wonít get knocked down by wind or snow, and can be installed in areas that might be hard to put wooden posts in. In places where wood might be hard to come by, pipe fence is an alternative.

I always wondered why this fencing was popular in some areas, but didnít catch on elsewhere. A little internet sleuthing turned up one possible answer. Pipe was cheap to buy in areas with lots of oil drilling. So you will see more pipe fencing in places like Texas. The downside to used pipe is that there can be thin spots, it pits, rusts, and can be very hard to keep painted and clean looking. If a horse scratches itself on the pipe, weak spots can break, leaving an exposed jagged edge, or rusty fence can leave rust marks on the horse. It sounds like getting a bad bunch of pipe for your fence can turn into a sagging, rusting hazard.

New pipe fence is very expensive and requires regular painting to keep it in good condition. But new pipe fencing has me wondering about safety. When I was a kid, our horses were behind square wire fence. When you know better, you do better, and as soon as my mother could afford to, she changed all the fencing to cedar rails, Eventually, cedar rails were hard to find, and the fencing was gradually replaced by planks. When I put fence up for my own horses, I did a lot of research, and had two paddocks fenced in 2x8Ē boards. So, wood fence is what Iím familiar with, and I understand the hazards.

Pipe fence just scares me. I think most horse equipment should break before the horse does. There are times of course, when human safety comes before horse safety, and my belief has to go out the door in favor of the people. But pipe fencing seems like a too rigid barrier to put a horse behind. I can picture the carnage as a horse tangles in, or gets lacerated by pipe fencing. I have a vivid imagination, so perhaps Iím being alarmist.

Another fence that leaves me wondering is electric braid. This stuff is strong, and Iíve seen a very gruesome photo of a stallion that tangled in electric braid type fencing. When I was researching fencing, many companies bragged of the high breaking strength. I didnít see this as a benefit. As I said, I like things to break before the horse does.

Thereís really no perfect fencing for horses, but there are lots of choices. Some, like barbed wire or single wire are no-brainers. Others have pros and cons. What type of fencing would you choose to put your horse behind?
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usually we use wire fencing. Some areas have board fencing. My horse is extremely respectful of fences, so even just putting him in a temporary paddock with the thin plastic/electric rope/wire stuff keeps him in. Not sure what it's called as you can see, but it'll give long before anything happens
  Nov 29, 2014  •  6,803 views
MissT Equestrian  
Pipe fencing may seem alarming, but it actually offers a safe alternative to many other fencing options. My barn's outdoor arena is fenced in pipe, and we've never had any issues with it. Pipe fencing doesn't get damaged in storms, and horses can't get themselves tangled in it like wire/electric fencing. Wood fencing rots, and it can splinter, encourage cribbing, and offer an extreme hazard to curious horses who try to take a bite out of it. It's extremely strong and it would be VERY difficult (if not impossible) for a horse to bend/break it. I personally don't have any issue with pipe.
  Nov 30, 2014  •  6,660 views
Kaylied Estal   
when we used to keep horses we had dry stone walls which are VERY common where i live in the UK
  Dec 1, 2014  •  6,603 views
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