The Most Asked Questions About Horses
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The Most Asked Questions About Horses

Over the years, Iíve learned a lot about the most common questions people have about horses. Hereís a sampling of the top few.

The top question people ask online about horses, whether they are horse owners or not, is how long do horses live? Horses, like people, are living longer than ever. This is largely due to our greater understanding of their needs, better vaccines and better medicines to treat them if they do get sick. There are still a few diseases that we havenít conquered like Equine Encephalomyelitis, EPM and West Nile Disease, but even those diseases arenít the death sentence they once might have been.

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There was a time when horses might even have been worked to death. Either by lack of knowledge, or lack of compassion, horses died of overuse. But, thankfully, that is rare now that the internal combustion engine has largely replaced the horse for most transport and sources of power. Accidents happen, even to backyard horses but even something like a broken leg might not be the death sentence it once was.

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We also like to compare our horseís age to our own. Itís really hard to compare life stages, because a young horse grows so much faster, and in different ways than humans. As horses get older, it gets easier to compare. I figure that now that my horse is 18, she and I are about the same age, and dealing with some of the same age related issues - good and bad.

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The second most common question people ask about horses ďis what do they eat?Ē A lot of different things have been fed to horses by humans - from straw to fish. But, we know a lot more about equine digestion and nutrition thanks to researchers and scientists. We know that horses are healthier if they eat food that is close to their natural diet and that some things just arenít good for horses - like too much grain or bran. Another related question is ďwhat shouldnít a horse eatĒ? Thereís a fairly lengthy list, although itís probably not a big deal if your horse steals a bite of your PBJ sandwich or a few marshmallows. Garden clippings are a big no, and of course, mouldy hay can be a disaster, although these things may not seem obvious.

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One thing that seems to cause people to ask a lot of questions about and does deserve careful consideration is, ďwhat do I name my horseĒ? I was lucky my mare came with a name I loved, but I have spent days mulling over horse names in the past. Long before the internet existed, my mother kept a list of horse names in a big scrapbook. I loved to pour over that list and now, there are many more resources for finding the perfect horse name.

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Another really common question is Ďhow do I find a free horseí. This one troubles me, because I feel if you canít afford to buy a horse - and there are lots of good horses out there you can buy for less than $2000, then how can you provide for a horseís continuing needs? What would happen if your free horse suddenly needed emergency veterinary treatment a week or so after you get it? Those of us who have horses know that the initial cost of a horse is only the beginning.

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Whatís your question about horses, or what questions do you hear or read about a lot?
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