Five Things Around The Horse Barn That Will Shock You
 By Winniefield Park   •   1st Jan 2016   •   1,436 views   •   0 comments

The internet is abound with Ďclickyí headlines, so I thought Iíd create one. How did I do? I didnít mention the Kardashians or a new breakthrough diet or wrinkle remover, so a grade of -B at best I would think. But there are some things that could shock you around the stable and your horseís pasture. Really shock you. Forewarned is forearmed.

Electric Fence
A zap from an electric fence wonít hurt you, but it will certainly wake you up. If you wear crepe soled shoes or rubber boots, you might get a mild sting. But, wear damp leather boots and hold onto your horse while you grasp a live electric fence and you might attain lift off. The jolt will make you wonder how your heart's still beating and why your horseís mane and tail arenít standing on end. That is, youíll wonder if you can see your horse, because chances are, after the wallop caused by the six-point ground your two plus four wet feet caused. your horse might already be in the next county. Grabbing a live electric fence while holding onto your horse is not a mistake youíll make twice.

Tingle Voltage
Tingle voltage is scary, but harmless. I first met tingle voltage in a hot tub I was disinclined to immerse myself in. Tingle voltage is stray electricity that travels through the ground. It originates in some loose or cracked wiring, poorly grounded electrical systems, defective equipment and other similar sources. The stray electricity then travels up water pipes where it waits until an unsuspecting person or animal touches either the plumbing or the water. The jolt feels like a prolonged static electricity shock. Again, itís perfectly harmless, but itís enough to upset horses and humans, and cause horses refuse to drink from water troughs or automatic waterers.

Old Wiring
The covering on some older wiring, and some types of new wiring is tasty to chewing rodents. Exposed wiring in a barn or stable isnít a great idea. If a mouse or rat chews the plastic-like covering, you or your horse could get zapped. And this zap could be serious because itís whole grain electricity with amperage and ohms intact. Old, worn wiring can also cause fires. Stable wiring should be covered in metal conduit and fastened well out of reach of curious horse lips.

Ungrounded Outlets
Any outdoor plug should have a GFCI. If you use a heated bucket in the stable, it should be plugged into one of these. If youíre using clippers, they need to be plugged into a GFCI. Ground Fault Circuit Indicators will pop like a fuse if thereís a problem with the plug, and could save you or your horse from getting a zap. If your GFCI keeps popping, donít replace it with a regular receptacle. Find the source of the problem, and and then replace the unit.

Broken Light Bulbs
Have you been in stables with exposed light bulbs? I have. Bad idea, especially if they are in a spot where a horse or human could hit them. All lights should have a protective housing around them. That way thereís no way for anyone to get a shock from a broken light in a socket, and thereís no broken glass lying underfoot.

Were you shocked? Disappointed there were no Kardashians? I hope not.
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