Horse Care Time Savers
 By Winniefield Park   •   26th Feb 2016   •   1,319 views   •   0 comments
Horse Care Time Savers

I donít think it takes anyone who lives with a horse owner long to figure out that when the owner says ďIíll be back in 30 minutesĒ, thatís not really going to happen. A quick half hour trip to the barn takes at least an hour. Really, we canít help it can we? There is always something to do, and no matter what work you might have waiting at home, we always find more interesting things to do at the barn. Sometimes, time is important, such as when you really have to go to work, or be on time for an appointment. Most of us have pretty hectic schedules, and being able to shave off a few minutes here and there means we can have more time for the things we really want to do - like ride. Here are a few time saving ideas, that can help you spend more time doing the stuff you really want to.

Prepare Food Mixes Ahead of Time
Set up your weigh scale, some containers like zip closure bags or recycled food containers, and measure out a few days feed at once. Then you can just dump food in without fussing and measuring when youíre in a hurry.

Time Your Activities and Multitask
Try multitasking while you work. Fill water buckets while you measure feed or do another small job. Use a timer, such as a phone app, so you know how long it takes to fill the bucket so you donít end up with water all over. Clean stalls while beet pulp or hay pellets soak.

Buy Feed and Bedding in Bulk
This saves time and money. If you have to get your hay from a loft, make one trip and put down a few days worth at a time. Make one trip to the feed store instead of three. Or, have the feed mill deliver your feed in bulk. Youíll have a larger amount to store, so be sure youíre prepared.

Pre Package Supplements
Horse owners like mixing potions and doses, but doing it each day or each feeding can be time consuming. Use zip baggies, old medicine containers, recycled yogurt tubes or other containers to make up a weekís worth of supplements so you can grab and feed without measuring and pouring. You can buy pre-portioned supplements, but itís less expensive to make your own. Be sure to have everything labeled so each horse gets the right thing.

Take Care of Tack and Gear After Each Use
The old saying is Ďa stitch in time saves nineí. This applies to caring for your gear too. Give your bridle, bit and saddle a quick wipe after each use. Wind up clean leg wraps so theyíre ready for the next use. If they need cleaning, put them by the door so you donít go home without them. Wiping off your boots before you get in your vehicle saves cleaning your boots and your vehicle.

Ride When the Stable Isnít Busy
Having to wait and maneuver around other people waiting to ride or work with their horses is time consuming. Figure out when the stable is not so busy so you can efficiently do what you need to do. Of course, if the whole point is to socialize and be with other people and horses, remember thatís why youíve been saving time in the first place.

Organize for Efficiency
Donít waste time scrounging around the bottom of your tack box for your car keys, looking for your hoof pick, or untangling reins or polo wraps. ĎA place for everything and everything in its placeí are words to live by. Hang your keys by the door. Organize your grooming tools. And, clear out things that are used seasonally, like bug spray, to make room for winter items like extra towels or riding gloves.

What are your ideas for saving time for whatís really important?
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