A Tribute To Olivia Inglis
 By Polo the Weirdo   •   13th Mar 2016   •   3,130 views   •   12 comments
Ten Reasons Olivia Inglis is Actually Super Lucky

I know you all expect me to insult and offend, and insensitively try to make comedy from this tragedy, but that is not what I am going to do. Olivia Inglis, competing at two star on her horse Coriolanus at only 17 years of age, was devastatingly crushed to death in a rotational fall on a cross country track. The loss of such a young and talented rider is a devastating blow to the equestrian community, and an unpleasant reminder to all riders about the dangers of our sport. But Iím not here to provide unpleasant reminders or devastation. What I want to tell you, is why this unfortunate teen lived the life she did.

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1. For all its politics and unpleasantness, no community rallies like the equestrian one. Over 3.2 million riders have shared photos with the hashtag #rideforolivia to be used in a mosaic at the girlís funeral.

2. Wherever Olivia is now, she will forever have the company of her loyal partner Coriolanus, who was with her to the end. Together, they gave their lives for the sport they loved, and will be remembered forever as heroes.

3. If anyone could choose a way to die, what better way than doing what you love most? What better place than beside your best friend?

4. While a tragedy usually frightens and overwhelms those closest, Oliviaís death has also inspired millions like her, who instead of fearing their sport, remember their proudest moments to ride on in her honour, and show the world why what she died for is worthwhile.

5. To die young and full of talent is a tragedy only for those left behind. To live to see the day you are too old and broken to do what you love Ė that is the true fear of any athlete.

6. Eventers stare death in the face every time they ride through the starting flags. Only those who have the courage to die, have the courage to live. To do what she did, Olivia had all of that courage, and then some.

7. The adrenaline rush of setting out on a big course can make a rider forget anything: pain, troubles, worries, which jump comes next... We all dream of going peacefully in our sleep. Iíd rather go peacefully in my element.

8. Tragedy only exists where love existed before it. If that is the case, then Oliviaís life included enough love to last her until the end of time.

9. This is just one more jump on the course of Olivia and Coriolanusí journey.

10. The going in the afterlife has got to be better than what we deal with down here.

RIP Olivia.
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Fox Crest Stables  
No. This is disgusting. The title is click bait and atrocious. Making light of a kid who lost her life in a horrible accident? That's the lowest of the low. I am appalled at your lack of filter when it comes to respect for the family. Just disgusting.
  Mar 13, 2016  •  3,264 views
PonyBox  MOD 
FCS, The title was changed. It was not intended as Link bait, but agree the title needed changed.
  Mar 13, 2016  •  3,204 views
Winniefield Park  
While I may agree with some of the sentiments, not all would agree that giving your life for sport is heroic. Many would call it foolhardy. I grieve for her parents. They have lived a parent's worst nightmare and no matter how noble or heroic we may have thought her, their pain will never heal. I'd rather live my life dreams and in my dotage have wonderful memories and contribute a little wisdom perhaps. And I want my children to outlive me.
  Mar 13, 2016  •  3,241 views
Stone Creek Ranch II  
I have to agree with FCS. I'm appalled at her lack of respect, period. Unreal. I truly hope your family never has to go through this.
  Mar 13, 2016  •  3,208 views
Bramble Wood Lodge  
Are you kidding me!? The poor kid died and she's LUCKY!? Ridiculous.
  Mar 14, 2016  •  3,137 views
A girl and her horse died when neither of them wanted to die. Olivia was not lucky.
  Mar 14, 2016  •  3,124 views
This is pessimistic and toxic to read in place of homage to someone's passing. This young woman was brave, and surely did not see her life in the way it's laid out in the article. You can tell by how much she has accomplished in her lifetime.
Dying young is not lucky, this was a tragic event that nobody should hope for or find a silver lining in. Time heals, and we all wish the best for her soul and those she left behind, they have heavy hearts. She was lucky for the life she had, her friends, her family, her equine team-mate, her hard work and skill, but, not she is not 'lucky' in the way she passed.
  Mar 14, 2016  •  3,085 views
Shimmer Shine Stables  
This article is romanticizing the death a teenage girl. There is nothing "heroic" or "lucky" about a riding accident. Had she survived and went on to ride again, it would be a different story. Sadly, that is not how it ended. I don't think the parents of kids with terminal illnesses feel their child is lucky, I doubt hers do either.
  Mar 14, 2016  •  3,089 views
Apple Orchard Stables  
Completely and totally disrespectful. Shame! I hope the parents of this young lady never read this. And number 10) the afterlife comment it has to be better than what we deal with down here. Are you kidding is this suppose to make people that love her feel better about the situation? Sickening!
  Mar 14, 2016  •  3,059 views
p i n k f l o y d
I have to agree, this is just downright disrespectful and disgusting. She was not lucky, This is a tragedy for her family and friends.
  Mar 14, 2016  •  3,056 views
International Sporthorses  
(This is Narcissi. So if you don't like my post PLEASE do not leave IS any feedback as this is her barn, NOT mine, I'm just on it momentarily while I finish some business.)

Although I think that post, and especially the original title, was in extremely poor taste and was disrespectful to Olivia and her grieving family/fans, I think the sentiment behind it, or rather what Polo was trying to say, was not written out of disrespect or malice.

I fully believe that, although I agree the article should be removed from PB, Polo was just trying to highlight meaning in Olivia's death, beyond just showing it as the tragedy it was. Some grieve by looking for positives among tragedy. I do agree that it is beautiful that so many millions of equestrians have rallied to memorialize her, and that even though her story ended in tragedy other equestrians are ensuring she and her horse will never be forgotten. But her death was not beautiful or wonderful or heroic, she was a 17 year old girl who was
  Mar 14, 2016  •  2,989 views
Blue Skyy
I don't see anything wrong with this Olivia was a brave and courageous She died doing what she love In an unfortunate accident
And is much happier in the afterlife where she ride forever and nothing bad will ever happen
  Aug 15, 2016  •  1,907 views
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